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Voitures Lagonda : livres - histoire et technique

Un livre sur les voitures Lagonda ? Découvrez ici les livres sur l'histoire, les modèles et la technique des voitures Lagonda.

Lagonda 2, 3 & 3-1/2 Litre in Detail, 1925-35

Lagonda gained prominence in the 1920s and 1930s for their range of stylish and high-performing sports cars. The reputation began with the 2 Litre model introduced in 1925, featuring an innovative hemi-head engine with twin high camshafts. It remained in production, in various versions, until 1933, including low-chassis and supercharged variants. The 2 Litre was succeeded by the 16/80 in 1932, which incorporated a Crossley six-cylinder engine.

In 1928, a 3 Litre six-cylinder car was introduced, and there was a brief production of the 3 1/2 Litre in 1934/5. These Lagonda models, though somewhat heavy, offered spirited performance and durability at high speeds.

This book exclusively focuses on these Lagondas. It provides a comprehensive overview of the models and their variants, covering chassis, running gear, engines, transmissions, and changes in specifications during production. It also delves into the cars' competition history, including events at Brooklands and Le Mans, and the company's fortunes during that era.

For present-day owners, the book offers practical guidance on common issues, parts availability, maintenance, and preservation. It features six specially photographed cars in 100 color shots and over 140 black-and-white archival photographs. This in-depth examination serves as a valuable resource for Lagonda owners and enthusiasts while paying tribute to the legacy of these remarkable vehicles.

Auteur :Arnold Davey
Présentation :192 pages, 27.5 x 22 x 2.1 cm, relié
Illustration :140 photos en N&B et 100 en couleurs
Editeur :Herridge & Sons Ltd (GB, 2007)
Série :In Detail
Livre : Lagonda 2, 3 & 3-1/2 Litre in Detail, 1925-35

Lagonda 2, 3 & 3-1/2 Litre in Detail, 1925-35

Langue : anglais

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