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Automobiles - Italie : beaux livres - histoire, modèles et technique

Un livre sur les voitures italiennes ? Découvrez ici les ouvrages sur l'histoire, les modèles et la technique des marques italiennes.

Berlinetta `60s : Exceptional Italian Coupes of the 1960s

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Following his portraits of the coupes of the 1950s published in 2017, Xavier de Nombel turns his cameras to the 'Sixties to bring us the most beautiful Berlinettas produced during that decade, which he has tracked down all over the world.
From the fiery little Osca to the revolutionary Carabo, employing stunning photography, he presents his personal vision of a period in which styling gave way to design.

Around his personal favourites, Christian Descombes relates the upheavals which Italian coachbuilding went through as it evolved from craftsmanship to industrial production, leaving behind its clientele of well-off enthusiasts to offer its expertise to the major international car makers.

Giorgetto Giugiaro, undoubtedly one of the leading players in this period, shares a remarkable account from inside, bringing to light the expressions of Italian automotive design since the post-war years.

Présentation :320 pages, 32 x 24 x 3.4 cm, relié
Illustration :442 photos en N&B et couleurs
Editeur :Dalton Watson Fine Books (USA, 2019)
Livre : Berlinetta `60s: Except Italian Coupes of the 60s

Berlinetta `60s : Exceptional Italian Coupes of the 1960s

Langue : anglais

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Le ambulanze italiane

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Richly illustrated history by rare images of rescue vehicles, from the late nineteenth century to the eighties. 218 photographs that tell the changes in the style and layout of ambulances, both for civil and military use.
From horse-drawn and even hand-drawn carriages to modern "Life-Cars", passing through the creations of the most important Italian coachbuilders.
Some color images show the recently restored vintage ambulances preserved at the Misericordia di Prato.

Text in Italian.

Présentation :136 pages, 28.5 x 25 cm, relié
Illustration :218 photos en N&B et couleurs
Editeur :Fondazione Negri (IT, 2003)
Livre : Le ambulanze italiane

Le ambulanze italiane

Langue : italien

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