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Autoboeken - Italië: historie, modellen en techniek (1)

Een boek over Italiaanse personenwagens? Ontdek hier onze autoboeken over de geschiedenis, modellen en techniek van Italiaanse automerken.

The Bertone Collection

Samenvatting - Many of the iconic vehicles of the second half of the 20th century, from simple but beautiful Fiats, Citroens and BMWs to astounding Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Maseratis and Lamborghinis, rolled out of the coachbuilding facilities of Carrozzeria Bertone and the design studios of Stile Bertone.
A succession of cutting-edge concept machines during the 1960s and the 1970s further cemented the belief that Bertone was not only the most audacious, but also arguably the most progressive and innovative of all the Italian design studios.

After the studio closed, several of the important concept cars, as well as the emblematic production models were either retained or later collected by the coachbuilder in a private museum housed at the Stile Bertone near Turin, and this book describes these extraordinary cars.
In over 350 pages and using innovative photography, the work of 9 Design Directors and 63 of their cars is described.

The book is written by well-known automotive journalist, Gautam Sen, and former Design Director of the Collection, Michael Robinson, in both English and Italian. Many of the cars have been freshly photographed specially for the publication.

Topics covered include:
- The Bertone Story / The History of Bertone
- Designers, including: Franco Scaglione, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Marcello Gandini, Giuliano Maria Biasio
- Alfa Romeo, including: Giulia Sprint, Giulia Sprint Speciale, 2600 Sprint, Montreal
- Fiat, including: 850 Spider, Dino 2400 Coupé, 128 Coupe Shopping
- Lamborghini, including: Miura P400S, Espada II, Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole
- Others: Chrysler Simca Shake, Citroën GS Camargue, Bertone Suzuki Go, Mini Cooper S Works GP, Jaguar B99 and more.

Uitgever:Dalton Watson Fine Books (GB, 2018)
Taal:Engels + Italiaans
Uitvoering:356 blz, 230 x 302 x 29 mm, harde kaft
Illustraties:367 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:2066 g
Prijs:100.25 euro
Boek: The Bertone Collection

The Bertone Collection

Best in Show - Italian Cars Masterpieces from the Lopresto Collection

Samenvatting - Unique pieces, chassis no. 1, or strictly Italian prototypes, on which the greatest designers and coachbuilders from the past have experimented pioneering solutions: choices that foretell future fashion phenomena and stylistic canons.
One can rightly say that the Lopresto Collection represents a cross-section of the history of automobiles, design, Italy and its creativity.

Uitgever:Skira (IT, 2015)
Taal:Engels + Italiaans
Uitvoering:204 blz, 29.6 x 31.2 x 3 cm, harde kaft
Illustraties:20 z/w- en 175 kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:2184 g
Prijs:66.25 euro
Boek: Best in Show - Italian Cars Masterpieces from the Lopresto Collection

Best in Show - Italian Cars Masterpieces from the Lopresto Collection

Berlinetta `60s : Exceptional Italian Coupes of the 1960s

Samenvatting - Following his portraits of the coupes of the 1950s published in 2017, Xavier de Nombel turns his cameras to the 'Sixties to bring us the most beautiful Berlinettas produced during that decade, which he has tracked down all over the world.
From the fiery little Osca to the revolutionary Carabo, employing stunning photography, he presents his personal vision of a period in which styling gave way to design.

Around his personal favourites, Christian Descombes relates the upheavals which Italian coachbuilding went through as it evolved from craftsmanship to industrial production, leaving behind its clientele of well-off enthusiasts to offer its expertise to the major international car makers.

Giorgetto Giugiaro, undoubtedly one of the leading players in this period, shares a remarkable account from inside, bringing to light the expressions of Italian automotive design since the post-war years.

Uitgever:Dalton Watson Fine Books (GB, 2019)
Uitvoering:320 blz, 241 x 321 x 34 mm, harde kaft
Illustraties:442 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:2226 g
Prijs:108.25 euro
Boek: Berlinetta `60s : Exceptional Italian Coupes of the 1960s

Berlinetta `60s : Exceptional Italian Coupes of the 1960s

Carrozzieri Italian / Italian Coachbuilders : I Maestri Dello Stile / The Masters of Style

Samenvatting - For more than a half century Italian body builders were the leaders of world style, generating creativity, a trend towards innovation and an ability of execution that appears super-human today.
The aesthetic values and technology expressed by their work transmitted Italian culture and genius across the globe. Their creations were multiplied in millions of examples, influencing taste and trends in car design, among other things, in every corner of the world.
But in spite of the dimensions and importance of their work, the Italian body stylists were often undervalued.

This book brings together the profiles of no fewer than 36 of the best known stylists in the history of Italian car design: they include Allemano, Bertone, Castagna, Ghia, Pininfarina, Touring, Vignale and Zagato.
The story of each one of them is told through the extraordinary wealth of their iconographic patrimony, most of which have never been published.

The body stylists appearing in this book are: Allemano, Balbo, Bertone, Boano, Boneschi, Castagna, Colli, Ellena, Fantuzzi, Fissore, Francis Lombardi, Frua, Garavini, Ghia, ItalDesign, Lotti, Michelotti, Monterosa, Monviso, Moretti, Motto, OSI, Pininfarina, Riva, Savio, Sala, Scaglietti, Scioneri, Siata, Sibona, Sportscar/Piero Drogo, Stabilimenti Farina, Touring, Vignale, Viotti, Zagato.

Uitgever:Giorgio Nada Editore (IT, 2016)
Taal:Engels + Italiaans
Uitvoering:260 blz, 28.5 x 26 cm, harde kaft
Illustraties:250+ z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:2970 g
Prijs:88.25 euro
Boek: Carrozzieri Italian / Italian Coachbuilders : I Maestri Dello Stile / The Masters of Style

Carrozzieri Italian / Italian Coachbuilders : I Maestri Dello Stile / The Masters of Style

Giugiaro - Masterpieces of Style

Samenvatting - A volume devoted to Giugiaro and Italdesign could hardly not be included in the Masterpieces of style series.

Giugiaro is one of the most prestigious names in the history of automotive design, synonymous with iconic cars such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT and Alfetta, the Volkswagen Golf, the Audi 80, the Fiat Panda, Uno and Punto, the Lancia Delta, Thema and Prisma and the Maserati Bora, Ghibli and Merak, to mention but a few of the most successful designs to carry the Giugiaro name.

Born in 1938 at Garessio in the province of Turin, Giugiaro honed his professional skills at Bertone and then at Ghia before setting up on his own when founding Giugiaro Italdesign in 1968.
Today the firm is as active as ever and has been responsible for concept cars such as the Caimano, the Iguana and the Canguro, all based on Alfa Romeo mechanicals, and the Asso di Picche and the Quadri on respectively Audi and BMW chassis.

This monograph covers this long technical and stylistic history, drawing on a clear, comprehensive text and hundreds of photographs, many of which previously unpublished.

Uitgever:Giorgio Nada Editore (IT, 2018)
Uitvoering:208 blz, 253 x 280 x 26 mm, harde kaft
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:1538 g
Prijs:58.25 euro
Boek: Giugiaro - Masterpieces of Style

Giugiaro - Masterpieces of Style

Pininfarina : Masterpieces of Style

Samenvatting - For almost 90 years Pininfarina has been synonymous with Italian coachbuilding. Some of the most iconic cars in the history of not only Italian but also worldwide motoring have been clothed by a firm that has been recognised as the creator of true works of art.

Battista Farina, known as "Pinin", was the master craftsman who in 1930 founded in Turin the `'Societa Anonima Carrozzeria Pinin Farina''. The quality and the beauty of his creations soon established the firm's reputation and well before the outbreak of the Second World War it could boast magnificent bodies on Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat chassis. 1947 saw the presentation of a milestone in the history of Italian design, the Cisitalia 202.

Between the 1950s and 1990s the company produced iconic designs such as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and the "Duetto", the Lancia Aurelia B24 and the Flaminia, the Fiat Dino Spider and the 124 coupe, not to mention the innumerable Ferraris bodied by the prestigious Turin firm that from 1952 had become Maranello's coachbuilder of choice.
Numerous 250 GTs, the 250 Le Mans, the 365 Daytona, the 308 GTB, the Testarossa and the 288 GTO are all Pininfarina-bodied Ferraris.

This book recounts the most recent history of this giant of Italian car design with all the latest products realised in particular for the Asian market where the Pininfarina brand has an increasing presence.
There is also a chapter devoted to Pininfarina Extra, a brand within the brand, which since 1986 has been taking a 360 Degrees approach to design. The full story of this iconic Italian design firm finally told in a single volume.

Uitgever:Giorgio Nada Editore (IT, 2018)
Uitvoering:208 blz, 253 x 281 x 26 mm, harde kaft
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:1546 g
Prijs:60.25 euro
Boek: Pininfarina : Masterpieces of Style

Pininfarina : Masterpieces of Style

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