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Jowett personenwagens: boeken - historie, modellen en techniek (1)

Een boek over Jowett personenwagens? Ontdek hier onze boeken over de geschiedenis, modellen en techniek van Jowett.

Jowetts of the 1920s

Samenvatting - Based in Idle, near Bradford, the Jowett car was the result of two brothers' engineering skills. Put into production before the start of the First World War, the Jowett car, by the 1920s, was well-known as a rugged, dependable, reliable form of transport, much beloved of its owners, who had soon formed an Owner's Club, which at 90 years of age is the oldest one make car club in the world.

The new Jowett factory opened in Idle in 1919 and the first car produced was the Jowett Seven, with commercial models following in 1922 and the Jowett Long Four tourer during 1923, with a closed model in 1925.
The first decade after the war was perhaps one of Jowett's finest, with the company manufacturing thousands of their economical cars and light vans to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

Noel Stokoe is acknowledged as an expert on the Jowett, owning two himself, but also is the club's historian.

Uitgever:Amberley Publishing (GB, 2013)
Uitvoering:96 blz, 23.5 x 16.5 cm, paperback
Illustraties:150 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:304 g
Prijs:20.25 euro
Boek: Jowetts of the 1920s

Jowetts of the 1920s

Jowett Cars of the 1930s

Samenvatting - Brothers William and Ben Jowett, of Bradford, Yorkshire, built their first car in 1906 and tested it for four years before going into car production in 1910. By the time the factory switched to First World War munitions work, in 1916, forty-eight cars had been built. They resumed car production in 1920, and sales went from strength to strength.

The 1930s proved to be a much more difficult time for Jowett, as a devastating fire in 1930 destroyed the factory and almost their entire stock of new cars. The brothers then had to decide whether or not they should rebuild the factory and start car manufacturing again-luckily, they did, as many interesting models were produced during this decade.

From the first car in 1906, all cars the Jowetts produced were powered by the famous flat-twin engine known as 'the little engine with the big pull' that was used in all cars and light commercial vehicles.
In 1935, the range was expanded to include a four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine, and they used these two engines in various models until the Second World War.

In this book Noel Stokoe presents the history of Jowett and its cars during the thirties.

Uitgever:Fonthill Media (GB, 2017)
Uitvoering:128 blz, 302 x 233 x 13 mm, paperback
Illustraties:26 z/w- en 93 kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:444 g
Prijs:22.25 euro
Boek: Jowett Cars of the 1930s

Jowett Cars of the 1930s

Sporting Jowetts

Samenvatting - In this compelling book looking at the sporting history of the Jowett company, Noel Stokoe has compiled an absorbing selection of thoroughly entertaining personal accounts by Jowett drivers in competition from 1906-1954, including the mammoth treks across Africa to the Le Mans class wins of the 1950s Jupiters and the rally successes of Javelins.

Uitgever:The History Press Ltd (GB, 2009)
Uitvoering:250 blz, 24.6 x 17.3 x 1.7 cm, paperback
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:642 g
Prijs:23.25 euro
Boek: Sporting Jowetts

Sporting Jowetts

The Jowett Jupiter - The Car That Leaped to Fame (New edition)

Samenvatting - From the Jupiter's inception and development, to its sporting successes, and its current status as a sought-after classic, 'Jowett Jupiter - the Car that Leaped to Fame' is a unique book by Edmund Nankivell, the world authority on the Jupiter, and is a complete study of the model.

With its advanced chassis designed by Dr Eberan-Eberhorst, the noted Austrian engineer who was also responsible for designing the Auto Union Type D Grand Prix car, the Jowett Jupiter was an instant hit. Its responsive handling and lively engine made the Jupiter a great sporting success from the off, with a record-breaking win at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1950, and a class 1-2 win at the 1951 Monte Carlo International Rally.

This book covers the Jupiter's success across the board, revealing the full chronology of the model, its racing derivatives, and the special-bodied Jupiters from the likes of Stabilimenti Farina and Abbott of Farnham.
With chapters detailing Jupiters in current use, historic racing, and concours events, this new edition includes more images and updated information, and provides a comprehensive record of this fantastic, historic car.

Bladzijden uit het boek The Jowett Jupiter - The Car That Leaped to Fame (New edition) (1)

- Covers the full Jupiter history, from inception to the present day
- This new edition includes brand new material and updated information
- Includes a full chronology of the Jupiter
- Examines the car's design features, and the designers who created them
- Includes details and photos of coach-bodied Jupiters
- Reveals the many interesting and important activities indulged in by Jupiter owners over the decades
- Full competition results, including many not recorded in the previous edition
- Lists every Jupiter built, along with its current status, where known.

Uitgever:Veloce Publishing Ltd (GB, 2016)
Uitvoering:224 blz, 25 x 25 cm, harde kaft
Illustraties:226 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:1388 g
Prijs:57.25 euro
Boek: The Jowett Jupiter - The Car That Leaped to Fame (New edition)

The Jowett Jupiter - The Car That Leaped to Fame (New edition)

Auto - Architect - The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer (1911-1999)

Uitgever:Magna Press (GB, 2004)
Uitvoering:152 blz, 23.4 x 15.6 x 0.9 cm, paperback
Illustraties:118 illustraties
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:232 g
Prijs:25.25 euro
Boek: Auto - Architect - The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer (1911-1999)

Auto - Architect - The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer (1911-1999)

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