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Alvis personenwagens: boeken - historie, modellen en techniek (1)

Een boek over Alvis personenwagens? Ontdek hier onze boeken over de geschiedenis, modellen en techniek van Alvis.

Alvis : The Complete Story

Samenvatting - This book tells the story of Alvis and its cars, aero engines and military vehicles. Starting with the formation of the company in 1919, it traces the company's products through the 1920s and 1930s, and through its wartime exploits to its eventual takeover by Rover.

The book covers:
- the early four-cylinder cars;
- the amazing six-cylinder cars;
- early ventures into armoured car and aero engine production;
- the post WWII four- and six-cylinder cars;
- the Leonides post-World War II aero engines
- and finally, the post-World War II military vehicles.

Uitgever:The Crowood Press Ltd (GB, 2019)
Serie:The Complete Story
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Uitvoering:192 blz, 224 x 268 x 20 mm, harde kaft
Illustraties:263 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:934 g
Prijs:35.25 euro
Boek: Alvis : The Complete Story

Alvis : The Complete Story

Alvis Speed Models in Detail

Samenvatting - The Alvis Speed models of the 1930s were and still are among the most desirable high-performance cars of their decade. Less expensive than the Bentley or Lagonda, classier than the SS Jaguar, and more advanced than any of them, the Alvis earned a special cachet as the sporting gentleman motorist's favoured choice.

As the author of this book observes, it is remarkable that such a relatively small concern as the Alvis company was able to design, engineer, produce and maintain the continuous development if this sophisticated series of cars. In addition, it was Alvis, in the Speed Twenty, which pioneered such major industry innovations as independent front suspension and an all-synchromesh gearbox.

The book opens with an introduction highlighting the pleasures of Speed model motoring, followed by an exposition of the background that led to the introduction of the Speed Twenty in 1932. Then comes a highly detailed technical analysis of the Speed Twenty itself, covering every aspect of the chassis, running gear, engine and transmission.

This sets the scene for the chapters which follow, on the SA/SB/SC/SD Speed Twenty models, the 3 1/2-litre, the Speed Twenty Five and the ultimate expression of the marque, the 4.3. Each of these receives comprehensive treatment, including information on differences from previous models, revisions and production changes, the range of bodies available from coachbuilders, performance and behaviour, and appearances in competitive events.

For owners, present and prospective, there are chapters on using a Speed model today and on the practicalities of ownership, including advice on parts availability, fuels, lubricants, maintenance and preservation.
Five outstanding examples of the cars have been specially photographed for the book and are featured in some 70 colour shots. There are also more than 140 black-and-white photographs drawn from the archives as well as from Alvis sales and publicity material.

Uitgever:Herridge & Sons Ltd (GB, 2001)
Serie:In Detail
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Uitvoering:160 blz, 22 x 27.8 x 1.8 cm, harde kaft
Illustraties:70 kleurenfoto's, 140 z/w foto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:900 g
Prijs:58.25 euro
Boek: Alvis Speed Models in Detail

Alvis Speed Models in Detail

Alvis Cars 1946-1967 : The Post-War Years

Samenvatting - The Alvis company of Coventry were motor and aero engineers who made some of the finest motor cars during the period 1920 to 1967, when car production stopped. There were no independent coachbuilders left and mass production was not for Alvis.

Total production was a mere 21,250 and fewer than 7,000 after the Second World War. It is the post-war cars that this book focuses on. The successor to Alvis's iconic Fourteen, the Three Litre, had a production run of seventeen years and the newest is now nearly fifty years old.

John Fox offers a fascinating look at both technical and historical aspects of Alvis cars during this period, utilising rare archival and modern photographs.

Uitgever:Amberley Publishing (GB, 2016)
Uitvoering:96 blz, 23.5 x 16.5 cm, paperback
Illustraties:190 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:282 g
Prijs:21.25 euro
Boek: Alvis Cars 1946-1967 : The Post-War Years

Alvis Cars 1946-1967 : The Post-War Years

Alvis Cars in Competition

Samenvatting - The forefather of Alvis, T. G. John & Co. Ltd, was founded in 1919 by Thomas George John and became the Alvis Car & Engineering Company Ltd in December 1921.
The company's first production car, the Alvis 10/30, was introduced in 1920 and helped establish a reputation for quality workmanship and high performance for which Alvis would later become famous. A model line up of both touring and competition cars followed the 10/30 with the most notable being the 12/50, which was extremely competent in both roles.

The prewar models were preferred for competition due to their simplicity and ease of tuning. Car production was suspended during the Second World War as Alvis contributed to the war effort with aero engines, military vehicles, munitions handling mechanisation and medical equipment.
After the Second World War, Alvis produced many fine touring cars until manufacture ceased in 1967.

In this book, Clive Taylor, a member of the Alvis Owner Club, in co-operation with the Club celebrates both the centennial year of Alvis cars in 2019 and some of the cars that featured in its fine competition history.
With images and information from Alvis owners, this is both an informative book and a wonderful tribute for the company's centennial.

Uitgever:Amberley Publishing (GB, 2018)
Uitvoering:96 blz, 214 x 234 x 11 mm, paperback
Illustraties:100 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Staat:nieuw boek (papier)
Gewicht:276 g
Prijs:21.25 euro
Boek: Alvis Cars in Competition

Alvis Cars in Competition

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