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Austin Seven and Ten: books - history and technology

A book on the Austin Seven (1923-1939) or Ten (1932-1947)? Here are books on the history and technology of Austin passenger cars.

Austin Seven & Ten - Brooklands Road Test Portfolio

Brooklands Portfolio book about the Austin Seven introduced in 1922 and the Austin Ten, which came in 1932. Describes the Austin Seven and Ten Saloons, sports cars, record cars, Specials, racing cars, Swallow, Bantam, Hawk, Ruby, Big Seven, Ten-Four, Sherborne and Cambridge.

  • The 67 articles, taken from contemporary British and American car magazines, provide much information about history, model changes and technology.
  • Also driving impressions, tests, comparison tests, technical specifications, etc.

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Author:R. M. Clarke
Specs:160 pages, 28 x 21 x 1.1 cm / 11 x 8.25 x 0.43 in, paperback
Illustrations:300 b&w photographs
Publisher:Brooklands Books (GB, 2009)
Book: Austin Seven & Ten - Brooklands Road Test Portfolio

Austin Seven & Ten

Language: English

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Original Austin Seven - The Restorer's Guide to All Passenger Car and Sports Models 1922-39

The Austin Seven was Britain's cheapest and successful pre-war car, with nearly 300,000 built. A complex family tree of models evolved over the years. The early four-seater tourers were soon supplemented by saloons, open two-seaters, coupés and sports models.
On top of some 50 different body styles produced at Longbridge, more elaborate Sevens came from coachbuilders such as Swallow and Gordon England, and licence-built versions were made in Germany, France and the USA.

But how many surviving Austin Sevens - restored, unrestored or even derelict - boast the completely original and authentic specification that the most discerning enthusiasts now demand? The information needed to determine how a restored car should look and what parts it should contain is difficult to find, especially as the model range is so wide, but help is at hand in "Original Austin Seven".

This painstakingly researched book, compiled from all known sources of factory information, aims to reveal how these charming cars altered in detail over the years. Specification descriptions, chassis and body evolution, production changes, body colours, optional extras and accessories, special coachwork, overseas variations - the minutiae are covered for all Austin Seven models.

Accompanying the text are over 270 photographs showing all the significant model variations and the important mechanical and trim changes.
Considerable detective work went into finding over 25 cars - some highly original, others fastidiously restored - for special photography in colour, while selected archive material completes the coverage. The illustrations in themselves provide a valuable reference source.

Author:Rinsey Mills
Specs:128 pages, 30.5 x 23 x 1.5 cm / 12 x 9.1 x 0.59 in, hardback
Illustrations:270 colour photographs
Publisher:Herridge & Sons Ltd (GB, 2008)
Series:Original Restorer's Guide
Book: Original Austin Seven - The Restorer's Guide to All Passenger Car and Sports Models 1922-39

Original Austin Seven - The Restorer's Guide to All Passenger Car and Sports Models 1922-39

Language: English

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Austin Seven

The Austin Seven was Britain's answer to the Model T Ford and brought affordable motoring to Britain and many other countries well before the VW Beetle or the Mini. At a time between the wars when cheap motoring consisted of motorcycles and sidecars, the Austin Seven put affordable motoring firmly on four wheels.

Drawing on many years of owning and restoring Austin Sevens, Roger Bugg explains the concept of the Austin Seven as a fully equipped full-size car in miniature, as well as its ingenious adaptability, including chassis, engine and body changes.
Ahead of its time, the Austin Seven's dashboard and instruments were arranged in a similar way to a modern car and it was also equipped with a four-speed syncromesh gearbox.

Apart from its fundamental purpose as a car for the nuclear family the Austin Seven was also used for racing. The book describes the engine enhancements and body styling that contributed to its racing achievements.
The book also includes practical information on finding and restoring and Austin Seven, including costs of purchase, restoration and running along with specialist suppliers of parts and Austin Seven clubs.

Placing the Austin Seven in its historical context as a car that brought motoring freedom to people who could not previously afford it, this book is also a practical guide for the Austin Seven enthusiast today. It is supported by rare and unpublished illustrations.

Author:Roger Bugg
Specs:96 pages, 23.5 x 16.5 cm / 9.25 x 6.5 in, paperback
Illustrations:100 b&w and colour photographs
Publisher:Amberley Publishing (GB, 2022)

The Austin Seven

One of the most famous of British cars, the diminutive but robust 750 cc Austin Seven, introduced in 1922, changed the course of automobile design and proved the viability of the small-capacity four-cylinder car.
The salvation of the Austin company, it was aimed at families who might otherwise have travelled by motorcycle and sidecar, and it remained in production until 1939.

The Seven performed as well on the race track as it did on the road and inspired a team of magnificent twin overhead camshaft single-seaters. It survives in respectable numbers to provide new generations of enthusiasts with a practical, economical car to run, race and restore.

Table of Contents:
- Small is Beautiful
- The Vintage Years 1922-29
- Business is Booming 1930-39
- Racing and Records
- Austin Seven Production 1922-39
- Further Reading
- Places to Visit.

Author:Jonathan Wood
Specs:32 pages, 21 x 15 x 0.4 cm / 8.25 x 5.9 x 0.16 in, paperback
Publisher:Shire Publications Ltd (GB, 2008)
Book: The Austin Seven

The Austin Seven

Language: English

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Immortal Austin Seven

The Austin Seven was truly "Motoring for the Millions," and Herbert Austin's baby car has fascinated thousands of enthusiasts for almost a century, with the sheer variety of more than 300 distinct works or coach-built types in 17 years of production.
The Austin Seven engine also powered aeroplanes, boats, tractors and motorcycles, and was put to many astonishing uses, all described in this book.

This book tells the story of this most popular of pre-war cars in all its variations, from the earliest Chummy of the 1920s, through Sports, Military, Box and Ruby Saloons to the exquisite Twin Cam racers of the late 1930s.

Pages of the book Immortal Austin Seven (1)

There is also a section on the use of the Austin Seven post World War Two, and the car's competition role in trials, hill climbs and circuit racing, including the amazingly successful 750 Formula, which sparked off the careers of famous men like Colin Chapman, Eric Broadley, Arthur Mallock and Tony Southgate, and the craze of building sporting Austin Seven "Specials" which peaked in the 1950s.

The book includes period, detail drawings and rarely seen photographs, and is a must for the Austin Seven or general motoring enthusiast.

Models covered:
- Austin Sevens 1922-1939
- Dixi/BMWs 7 hp 1927-1932
- Rosengart L.R. 1928-1953
- American Austin/Bantam 1930-1941.

Pages of the book Immortal Austin Seven (2)

Author:David Edwin Morgan
Specs:224 pages, 25 x 25 cm / 9.8 x 9.8 in, hardback
Illustrations:250 b&w and colour photographs
Publisher:Veloce Publishing Ltd (GB, 2017)
Book: Immortal Austin Seven

Immortal Austin Seven

Language: English

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