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Seat seat 600: books - history, models and technology

A book on Seat passenger cars? Explore here our selection of illustrated books on the history, models and technology of Seat passenger cars.

El 600 - Un sueño sobre ruedas

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán affirmed, "the day the Spaniards got into the Seat 600, they began to distance themselves from their past and embarked on a weekend excursion from which they have not yet returned." This dedicated book to the most endearing Spanish car recreates that "excursion", which is still ongoing.

Illustrated with over 150 photographs from various archives, agencies, clubs, enthusiasts, and SEAT itself, it narrates the history of this legendary vehicle. The book delves into its impact on the industry and economy, serving as a spearhead for the so-called "desarrollismo." It explores its profound influence on Spanish society for over fifteen years, from the late 50s to the first half of the 70s, as well as its lasting presence in our collective memories and imagination.

Text in Spanish.

Author:Javi Martin
Specs:192 pages, 25.5 x 20 x 1.8 cm / 10 x 7.9 x 0.71 in, hardback
Illustrations:150+ b&w and colour photographs
Publisher:Ediciones Larousse (E, 2022)
Book: El 600 - Un sueño sobre ruedas

El 600 - Un sueño sobre ruedas

Language: Spanish

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Seat 600

The Seat 600 was an icon and a true revolution in a few years in which Spanish society began its journey into consumer society. After a long period of negotiations between Fiat in Turin and the Spanish bank, the Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, S. A. (Seat) took shape in 1950.
This book takes a passionate and documented journey through the history of this mythical car and the Spain of the time.

Pages of the book Seat 600 (1)

Text in Spanish.

Specs:252 pages, 2.5 x 2.5 cm / 1 x 1 in, hardback
Illustrations:numerous b&w and colour photographs
Publisher:Susaeta Ediciones (E, 2007)
Series:Atlas ilustrado

Fiat 600 fuoriserie (seconda edizione)

This book includes all the "fuoriserie" special versions based on the following cars:
- Fiat 600
- Fiat 600 D
- Seat 600
- Seat 600 D
- Seat 600 E
- Seat 800
- Fiat-Concord 600
- Zastava 750.

The book presents vehicles made by:
Abarth, Accossato, Allemano, AMS, Angelini, Angelillo, Astech, Autotecnica, Avtomontaža, Bacci, Baggioli, Bagnoli, Bagovia, Baistrocchi, Baldi, Barnocchi, Beach, Begra, Bengolea, BEP, Bertone, Beutler, Biraghi, Boano, Boneschi, Bonetto, Bosato, Breda, Brixner, Caba, CAF, CAM, Canta, CAP, Caprera, Carrozauto, CAT, CDN, Cellarosi, Cevenini, Cisitalia, Cisitalia Argentina, Clenet, CMG, Conrero, Conti, Cortini, Corver, Costa, De Sanctis, Devin, Divesport, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Ebro, Ejarque, Evel, Facetti, Faccioli, Falorni, FAZA, Ferraris, FIAP, Fissore, Fölix, Forsgrini, Frabat, Franceshi, Francis Lombardi, Fren, Frua, Galobart, Garavello, Ghia, Giannini, Giordano, Hispakart, Inauto, Introzzi, Italsuisse, Jones Team, Joval, Juncosa, Keim, Kulpinsky, Limande, Mairano, Manerbiese, Mantelli, Maplex, Maragliano, Marini, MARSA, Massimo, Meliá, Me-Pre, Metra, Michelotti, Millesi, Milton, Monterosa, Moreta, Moretti, Motto, Mucera, MV, Nardi, Noguera, OSA, OSC, OSCA, Osella, Paganelli, Pininfarina, Radbourne, Railly, Rapid, Reggiani, RHS, Ricciardi,
Rossi, Sanesi, Sanetti, Santangelo, Savio, Schneider, Scioneri, Serra, Siata, Siata-Abarth, Siata Española, Silverstone, SMC, SPAD, Spampinato, Speedwell, Stanga, Stanguellini, Tagliabue, Thorgeirson, Tornado, Touring, Triggiani, Trivellato, Vann, Varela, Vernazzano, Vico, Vignale, Viotti, Volpini, WK, Zagato, Zar, ZM.

Text in Italian, captions also in English.

Author:Alessandro Sannia
Specs:136 pages, 29.5 x 21 x 1.2 cm / 11.6 x 8.25 x 0.47 in, paperback
Illustrations:profusely illustrated
Publisher:Il Cammello (I, 2022)
Book: Fiat 600 fuoriserie (seconda edizione)

Fiat 600 fuoriserie (seconda edizione)

Language: Italian

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