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Aston Martin DB7, DB9, V8 and Vanquish: books

A book on the Aston Martin DB7, DB9, V8 or Vanquish? Explore here our selection of books covering the history and technology of Aston Martin sports cars.

Aston Martin DB7 - The Complete Story

The car that would become the DB7 began its gestation in 1991. Developed entirely under the ownership of Ford, this new smaller Aston Martin was intended to add a new higher-volume strand to Aston Martin's range, and when the good-looking car was launched in 1993 it soon became obvious that this was sound policy. The straight-six-powered coupe was an instant hit and sold well.

A cabriolet version followed soon afterwards, and in 1998 Project Vantage - a V12 version of the car was unveiled. In 2002 the range was joined by two special editions - the Vantage Zagato and the GT.
When production of the DB7 family ended in 2003, giving way to the DB9, just over 7000 cars had been produced, making the DB7 the most numerous of all Astons.

Written with the full co-operation of the factory, this is a book for every lover of this superb car.

Author:Andrew Noakes
Specs:176 pages, 25.5 x 19.5 x 1.5 cm / 10 x 7.7 x 0.59 in, hardback
Illustrations:50 b&w and 150 colour photographs
Publisher:The Crowood Press Ltd (GB, 2006)
Series:The Complete Story
Book: Aston Martin DB7 - The Complete Story

Aston Martin DB7 - The Complete Story

Language: English

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Aston Martin V8

Development of Aston Martin's V8 engine began in 1963 as a replacement for the six cylinder engines which had powered every model of Aston Martin since the 1950 DB2. In 1966 design work began on a new GT model and both car and engine were to be unleashed on the public in October 1967. With barely twelve months to complete the car, Aston Martin pulled it off, and the DBS was born.
Unfortunately, the new V8 engine wouldn't be ready for another two years and the DBS had to make do with the old-fashioned Lagonda engine. Being heavier than the car it replaced, it was slower but in many ways more refined. When the V8 engine was finally ready for the DBS chassis, the resulting car was one of the fatest, safest and greatest cars of its generation. It would set the benchmark, not just for the next thirty years of Aston Martins, but also its competitors in the GT class. The last of the 5,016 V8-powered cars, a Volante Special Edition, left the factory on 20 October 2000, ending an era for Aston Martin.

This book describes the entire history of Aston Martin's V8.

Author:William Presland
Specs:208 pages, 25.5 x 20 x 1.8 cm / 10 x 7.9 x 0.71 in, hardback
Illustrations:360 colour photographs
Publisher:The Crowood Press Ltd (GB, 2009)
Book: Aston Martin V8

Aston Martin V8

Language: English

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Bond par Bond

Ce livre, signé Roger Moore est un opus passionnant où l'on retrouve tous les thèmes et tous ingrédients qui fondent la légende de cet agent secret "so british" avec humour, flegme, précision, autodérision, sens du devoir et de l'amitié, détachement suprême devant le danger, et fabuleux pouvoir de séduction...

Pages of the book Bond par Bond (1)

En s'exprimant souvent à la première personne, Roger Bond... non, James Moore..., enfin, l'auteur du livre, donne un relief très savoureux à son récit qui passe en revue tous les personnages qui ont fait et font le succès des films : ses collègues acteurs (on sent qu'il a un faible, pour ne pas dire une forte admiration pour Daniel Craig, le Bond du Troisième Millénaire...), les légendaires producteurs et metteurs en scène qui sont devenus ses amis, les créatures de rêve qu'il a côtoyé à l'écran mais pas seulement, et le style Bond, ses objets fétiches, en un mot l'inimitable signature d'un mode de vie de rêve, entre dangers permanents et plaisirs imminents.

Vous pensiez tout savoir sur Bond, c'est que vous ne connaissiez encore pas James, alias Roger Moore, et son livre Bond par Bond.

Pages of the book Bond par Bond (2)

Author:Roger Moore
Specs:224 pages, 28 x 21.5 cm / 11 x 8.5 in, hardback
Illustrations:numerous b&w and colour photographs
Publisher:ETAI (F, 2019)
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