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Studebaker Avanti: books - history and technology

A book on the Studebaker Avanti? Here are illustrated books on the history, models and technology of Studebaker passenger cars.

Avanti - The Complete Story

Designed by Raymond Loewy, one of America's premier industrial designers, the Avanti has achieved a near legendary status. Conceived as Studebaker's automotive division's last gasp, the Avanti has lived on for more than 45 years through numerous owners, bankruptcies, and redesigns.

This book tells the entire story from Studebaker's original design and production during the 1963-1964 model years, to the current production facilities in Cancun, Mexico.
Included are many original source documents, factory photos, corporate records, advertisements, as well as first hand accounts by the participants that trace the evolution of this fascinating story.

Author:John Hull
Specs:128 pages, 28 x 21.5 x 0.7 cm / 11 x 8.5 x 0.28 in, paperback
Illustrations:210 b&w photographs
Publisher:Iconografix (USA, 2008)
Book: Avanti - The Complete Story

Avanti - The Complete Story

Language: English

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Avanti - Studebaker and Beyond

Through several owners and five production locations the Avanti has persevered for nearly 45 years to become an endearing icon of advanced automotive design. Rare factory photographs and other materials document the history of this fine automobile.

This photo journey takes us from Avanti's initial beginnings with Studebaker in 1961 to the end of current production with Avanti Automotive SA de CV - the 2007 models built in Cancun, Mexico.
Eight sections represent the major changes and events under the different ownership reigns. Includes many photos of the original Avanti in the Studebaker factory.

Author:John Hull
Specs:96 pages, 21.5 x 26 x 0.6 cm / 8.5 x 10.25 x 0.24 in, paperback
Illustrations:122 photographs
Publisher:Iconografix (USA, 2011)
Book: Avanti - Studebaker and Beyond

Avanti - Studebaker and Beyond

Language: English

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Avanti - Brooklands Portfolio

Brooklands Portfolio book about the Studebaker Avanti. Describes the Studebaker Avanti R1, R2, R3 and Avanti II, Coupés and Convertibles.

  • The articles, taken from contemporary British and American car magazines, provide much information about history, model changes and technology.
  • Also driving impressions, tests, comparison tests, technical specifications, etc.

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Specs:136 pages, 27 x 20.5 x 0.8 cm / 10.6 x 8.1 x 0.31 in, paperback
Illustrations:350 photographs and drawings
Publisher:Brooklands Books (GB, 2003)
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