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Dodge 400 and 600 service and repair manuals

A repair manual for your Dodge 400 or 600? Here are Haynes and other workshop manuals to service Dodge cars. They provide detailed instructions for troubleshooting and to repair or replace parts.

Dodge 1938-1954 - Part Interchange Guide

This 1938-1954 parts interchange manual is a must if working on your major U.S. car or restoring it! A true guide unlike others that only list places to buy parts and do not identify the interchangeability of parts.
A must for every restoration and / or maintenance project saving money and research time!

This manual has been designed to help you in the identification and purchase of original equipment parts. It should save you many hours of time locating the parts you need. With this manual you will know exactly what parts from which vehicles are identical. There may be no need to pay a high price for a supposedly rare part when it may be identical to many other parts.

This manual covers all major makes of cars for the years of 1938 thru 1954 including: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Crosley, DeSoto, Dodge, Ford, Frazer, Henry J, Hudson, Kaiser, LaFayette, LaSalle, Lincoln, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker, Terraplane, and Willys.

Sections include engines, transmissions, cooling systems, fuel pumps, ignition system, clutch, front and rear axles, bearings, brakes, rivets, generator and starter, and universal joints. Body parts and glass are not included.

This book exists in different editions, each with a different cover for each brand. However, the content is the same.

Author:F.D. Harper
Specs:134 pages, 28 x 21.5 x 0.8 cm / 11 x 8.5 x 0.31 in, paperback
Publisher:CreateSpace (USA, 2016)
Book: Dodge 1938-1954 - Part Interchange Guide

Dodge 1938-1954 - Part Interchange Guide

Language: English

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Dodge 1946-1948 - Field Guide to Aftermarket Parts

This field guide gives the reader access to the largest parts store in the world for 1946-1948 Dodge Deluxe and Custom D24 models, with information from more than 200 aftermarket catalogs for Dodge parts made in the U.S.A.
On-the-spot identification is made possible by part number listings, separating D24 parts from thousands of similar ones.

Line drawings adapted from factory literature, brochures and advertisements illustrate the key features and details of parts as they would be found at swap meets or flea markets. Using this book in combination with the Internet, parts-hunters can quickly identify and acquire what they need online.

Table of Contents:

- Identify Your 1946-1948 Dodge
- A Trip to the Dodge Showroom and Dealership 1946-1948
- How the Field Guide Works
- What to Look For
- MoPar Field Guide Numbers
The Field Guide

1. Additional Features of the Floating-Power-Flow Engine
2. Additional Features of the Full Floating Ride
3. Easily Seen Features of the D24 "New Dodge" in the 1946 Showroom
4. Unseen Features of the D24 "New Dodge" Outlined in Brochures, Showroom Literature and Magazine Articles to Perspective Buyers and Customers in 1946
5. 1946-1948 Dodge D24 Paint Colors
6. D24 MoPar Factory Engineered and Inspected Accessories
7. MoPar Seat Covers
8. MoPar Protective and Maintenance Materials for the D24 Dodge
9. Abbreviations
10. Aftermarket Catalog List

Author:Robert K. Riley
Specs:251 pages, 25.5 x 17.5 x 1.3 cm / 10 x 6.9 x 0.51 in, paperback
Illustrations:159 photographs
Publisher:McFarland & Co Inc (USA, 2022)
Book: Dodge 1946-1948 - Field Guide to Aftermarket Parts

Dodge 1946-1948 - Field Guide to Aftermarket Parts

Language: English

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Mopar B-Body Restoration (1966-1970)

The Chrysler B-Bodies from 1966 to 1970 are the most-restored cars in the franchise's storied history. Popular models among them include the Charger, Coronet, GTX, Road Runner, and Super Bee. Restoring a Mopar B-Body is easier than ever with numerous of available aftermarket parts suppliers.

This book offers an in-depth resource for restoring a Mopar B-Body. Step-by-step processes walk you through the tasks of metal repair, suspension rebuild, driveline verification, interior restoration, and more. All components are addressed, creating the most complete resource in the marketplace.

With multiple step-by-step procedures and more than 400 color photographs, this is the most-complete hands-on book ever written covering these coveted Chryslers. This will be your primary resource when it's time to tackle a full restoration or complete a simple repair on your prized Pentastar. You won't find a cheaper "part" that helps you more than "Mopar B-Body Restoration 1966-1970".

Author:Kevin Shaw
Specs:176 pages, 28 x 21.5 x 1 cm / 11 x 8.5 x 0.39 in, paperback
Illustrations:493 colour photographs
Publisher:CarTech Inc (USA, 2015)
Book: Mopar B-Body Restoration (1966-1970)

Mopar B-Body Restoration (1966-1970)

Language: English

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Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth Front Wheel Drive Cars - 4-Cyl (1981-1995) - Chilton Repair Manual

Chilton Repair Manual on the 4-cylinder versions of the:
- Chrysler E-Class, Executive sedan, LeBaron, LeBaron GTS, Limousine, New Yorker, Town and Country and TC by Maserati (1981-1995)
- Dodge Aries, Daytona, Dynasty, Lancer, Shadow, Spirit, 400 and 600
- Plymouth Acclaim, Caravelle, Reliant and Sundance (1981-1995)
- Chrysler Laser (1984-1986).

This Chilton workshop manual on the 4-cylinder Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth models with front wheel drive from 1981-1995 covers maintenance, repair and overhaul of the gasoline engines (distribution, camshaft, inlet and outlet valves, cylinder head, crankshaft, lubricating system and gaskets).
It also addresses the cooling, air conditioning, fuel system, exhaust and the electrical system. Additionally, it provides instructions for working on other vehicle components, such as the clutch, transmission (only removal and installation), front and rear axles, springs and shock absorbers, the steering system, brakes and body.

  • Covers U.S. and Canadian models.
  • Includes technical specifications, adjustment data, torque wrench settings and wiring diagrams.
  • Tables for troubleshooting and identification of models and engines.

Click here to know more about the Chilton Repair Manuals

Specs:784 pages, 27.5 x 21 x 2.2 cm / 10.8 x 8.25 x 0.87 in, paperback
Illustrations:numerous photographs and drawings
Publisher:Chilton Automotive Books (USA, 2001)
Series:Chilton Auto Repair Manual (20382)
Book: Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth Front Wheel Drive Cars - 4-Cyl (1981-1995) - Chilton Repair Manual

Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth Front Wheel Drive Cars - 4-Cyl (1981-1995)

Language: English

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Chrysler / Dodge Mid-Size - Front-wheel drive (1982-1995) - Haynes Repair Manual

Haynes Repair Manual on the:
- Chrysler LeBaron Sedan (1982-1989), LeBaron Coupé and Convertible, LeBaron GTS, E Class, New Yorker (4 cylinders)
- Dodge 400, 600 and Lancer
- Plymouth Caravelle.

Gasoline engines:
- 4 cylinders - 2.2 litre (SOHC and DOHC), 2.5 litre (incl. Turbo) and 2.6 litre
- V6 - 3.0 litre (Mitsubishi 6G72).

Model years: 1982-1995.

This Haynes guide on the Chrysler and Dodge Mid-Size models with front wheel drive from 1982-1995 provides photos and detailed step-by-step instructions for maintaining and fixing the gasoline engines (distribution, belts, valves, camshaft, cylinder head, oil pump, seals, and crankshaft).
It also addresses issues related to cooling, air conditioning, the fuel system, exhaust plus the starting and charging system. Furthermore, it includes guidance for tasks involving the remaining vehicle components such as the clutch, gearbox (removal and installation), propshafts, braking system, suspension, steering box, body, interior and electrical system.

  • Covers U.S. and Canadian models.
  • Based on a complete strip-down and rebuild.
  • Includes a maintenance schedule, technical specifications, torque wrench settings and troubleshooting tables.
  • Clear and detailed wiring diagrams for easy reference.

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Author:Robert Maddox, Larry Warren, John H Haynes
Specs:392 pages, 27 x 21 x 1.7 cm / 10.6 x 8.25 x 0.67 in, paperback
Illustrations:hundreds of photographs and drawings
Publisher:Haynes Manuals, Inc. (USA, 1988)
Series:Haynes Auto Repair Manual (25030)
Book: Chrysler / Dodge Mid-Size - Front-wheel drive (1982-1995) - Haynes Repair Manual

Chrysler / Dodge Mid-Size - Front-wheel drive (1982-1995)

Language: English

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