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CarTech engine overhaul manuals (Chrysler, Ford and GM)

How to Rebuild the Big-Block ChevroletSA Design Workbench books describe in great detail the overhaul of American car engines. Illustrated with hundreds of color photos, they show step-by-step how a rebuild is carried out.

Indispensable for the reassembly are the technical data, including torque wrench settings, tolerances and the timing belt position. Attention is also paid to the removal and installation of the engine and the prevention of expensive mistakes.

Regularly new CarTech technical books are published. Meanwhile, many older titles are available again as "print-on-demand" books. These reprints are illustrated in black and white.

Publisher: CarTech, North Branch, Minnesota (USA)

Size: 27 x 21 cm (10.6 x 8.25 in), paperback

Language: These books are only available in English.

How To Rebuild 4.6- and 5.4-Liter Ford Engines (from 1991)
How to Rebuild & Modify Chevy 348/409 Engines - Restoration Info, Performance Upgrades, Durability Mods
CarTech Workbench overhaul manual for the Mopar (Chrysler) Small-Block V8


A typical CarTech Workbench revision manual (in this case for the Chevrolet Small Block V8) features following chapters:

Before You Begin
The Small-Block Family
Engine Building Tools
The Workspace
Cleaning Area
Engine Handling
Air Compressors
Do You Need to Rebuild?
System Diagnostics
Removing the Engine

Engine Disassembly
Tools and Supplies Needed
Safety First, Always!
Step-by-Step Engine Dissassembly:
- Flywheel
- Distributor / Spark Plugs
- Exhaust Manifolds
- Starter
- Fuel Pump
- Water Pump
- Valve Covers
- Intake Manifold
- Cylinder Heads
- Oil Pan and Dipstick
- Crank Pulley
- Timing Chain and Sprockets
- Camshaft
- Oil Pump
- Rods and Pistons
- Main Bearings

Initial Parts Inspection
Before the Machine Shop
What To Do When Your Parts Don't Pass Inspection
Initial Parts Inspection

Selecting Parts
Camshaft Drives
Cam Bumpers and Drive Covers
Camshaft Kits
Crankshaft and Connecting Rods
Cylinder Heads
Distributors and Ignitions
Exhaust Manifolds
Intake Manifolds
Oil System
Pistons and Rings
Rocker Arms and Studs

The Machine Shop
Finding a Machine Shop
Who's Responsible?
Before You Drop Off Parts
Cleaning and Crack Detection
Block Machine Work
Head Machine Work
Piston Machine Work
Piston Rings
Rod Machine Work
Crankshaft Machine Work
Engine Balancing
Manifold Machine Work
Other Machine Shop Services
Picking Up Your Parts

Component Cleaning
Tools and Supplies
Important Considerations
Component-Cleaning Procedures

Pre-Assembly Fitting
Preparations and Supplies
Precision Tools
Final Tips
Step-by-Step Pre-Assembly Fitting: - Checking Valveguide Clearance
- Measuring Rod and Main Bore Sizes
- Checking Crank Straightness
- Main Bearing Clearances
- Installing the Crank
- Installing the Camshaft
- Rod / Piston Assembly
- Miscellaneous Measurements

Final Assembly
Tools and Supplies
Final Assembly Tips
Step-by-Step Final Assembly:
- Cylinder Head Assembly
- Plugs
- Rear Main Seal
- Crankshaft
- Pistons
- Oil Pump
- Camshaft
- Cam Drive
- Gaskets and Cylinder Heads
- Valve Adjustment
- Oil Pan
- Starter
- Fuel Pump
- Manifolds
- Water Pump
- Distributor
- Carburator
- Flywheel

Installation, Break-In and Testing
Installing the Engine
Starting Your New Engine
Step-by-Step Engine Installation:
- Motor Mounts
- Torque Converter
- Mounting the Engine
- Exhaust System
- Radiator and Fan
- Hoses and Clamps
- Carburator
- Initial Startup
- On-the-Road Break-in

Cylinder Numbers and Firing Order
Torque Sequences
Torque Specifications
Piston Ring Gap Alignment
Timing Belt Alignment Marks
General Specifications
Work-A-Long Sheet
Source Guide

CarTech Workbench overhaul manuals describe the rebuilding process step by step.

CarTech Workbench overhaul manuals describe the rebuilding process step by step.

CarTech Workbench books contain hundreds of color photos.

CarTech Workbench books contain hundreds of color photos. Reprints of older manuals are illustrated in black and white.

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