Bentley Service Manuals on Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW and Saab

Bentley Service Manuals have been published since the 1960s by Bentley Publishers, an American publishing house founded in 1950 by Robert Bentley. This company focuses mainly on high-quality workshop manuals on German cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW.

For each Bentley workshop manual, a car is completely disassembled and subsequently reassembled, if possible without the use of special tools. The various maintenance and repair jobs are extensively photographed.
The many hundreds of photos and drawings make it easy to follow the step-by-step instructions. All adjustment data are presented in well-arranged tables, while clear and very extensive electrical diagrams are also included. Bentley Service Manuals are particularly comprehensive and of high quality.

Bentley Official Factory Repair manuals on Audi and Volkswagen were written by Audi of America resp. Volkswagen of America. The same workshop manuals were used by North American Audi and VW dealers.

Remark: Bentley Service Manuals are published for the North American market. While these books are also useful for models sold in Europe, they may differ in some areas (particularly in anti-pollution and safety equipment).

Publisher: Bentley Publishers, Cambridge MA (USA)

Size: 28 x 21 cm (11 x 8.25 in), paperback, 450-2600 pages (some in several volumes)

Language: Bentley Service Manuals only exist in English. Editions in other languages are not available.

Automatic transmissions and modern gearboxes: Because special tools and adjustment equipment are required, the overhaul of automatic transmissions and modern gearboxes (specialist work !) is not covered in these books. However, you will usually find instructions for removing and installing the transmission, replacing the ATF fluid and adjusting the controls. Click here for specific books on automatic transmissions.

Wiring diagrams: Bentley Service Manuals contain clear wiring diagrams. These often take up several hundred pages.

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Bentley Service Manual - VW
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Bentley Service Manual - Mini

What information do Bentley Service Manuals provide?

Bentley manuals are based on a complete disassembly. They give extensive instructions for work on the entire vehicle: engine (mechanical part, timing gear, valves, ignition, starter, alternator), cooling system, transmission (in general only removal and installation), suspension, brakes, steering, fuel system, exhaust, electrical system, interior, doors, central locking and air conditioning. They also contain adjustment data, tightening torques, eventual OBD error codes and wiring diagrams.

A typical Bentley Service Manual (in this case on the Mercedes-Benz W202 C-Class) features following chapters:

General Data
Warnings and Cautions
Vehicle Identification and VIN Decoder
Product familiarization
- Product Overview
- Model Year Changes
- Powertrain
- Suspension, Brakes and Steering
- Body

Basic Service Information
Identification Plates and Labels
Raising Vehicle
- Towing
- Changing a tire
- Jump starting
Engine compartment
Air filter service
Battery service
Belt service
Brake service
Cooling system service
Electrical service
Fuel filter service
Oil service
Power steering fluid service
Spark plug service
Other maintenance
Maintenance tables
- Recommended maintenance
- General bolt tightening torques
- Engine oil capacities

Cylinder Head - Removal and Installation
- Cylinder head cover - removing and installing
- Cylinder head removing
- Cylinder head - cleaning, inspecting, machining
- Cylinder head installing
- Camshaft Timing - checking and adjusting
- Timing chain tensioner - removing and installing
Engine Management
- Components
- Electrical Test Plans
- Engine management test plans
- Ignition system test plan
- Electronic accelerator test plan
Intake manifold
- Removing and installing
- Vacuum hose diagrams
- Principle of operation
- Supercharger oil level checking
- Components
- Removing and installing
- Supercharger clutch - removing and installing

Engine Electrical System
Ignition System
- Electronic engine management
- Ignition firing order
- On-board diagnostics (OBD)
- Warnings and cautions
- Ignition coils - removing and installation
- Crankshaft sensor replacement
- Knock sensor replacement
- Electrical system
- Starter control
- Starter - removal and installation
- Starter troubleshooting
- Electrical system
- Alternator wiring schematic
- Charging system troubleshooting
- Charging system quick check
- Alternator - removing and installing
- Voltage regulator - removing and installing
- Alternator and charging system troubleshooting

Engine Cooling System
Cooling system inspection
- Cooling system pressure test
- Combustion chamber leak test
Coolant - draining and filling
Coolant pump - removing and installing
Coolant thermostat - replacing
Radiator - removing and installing
Cooling fan - removing and installing

Automatic Transmission
Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) - checking and filling
ATF filter - changing
Shifter knob - removing and installing
Shift interlock

Front shock absorber - removing and installing
Front spring - removing and installing
Rear shock absorber - removing and installing
Rear spring - removing and installing
Front stabilizer bar - removing and installing
Rear stabilizer bar - removing and installing
Front Axle
- Upper control arm - removing and installing
- Lower control arm - removing and installing
- Steering knuckle - removing and installing
- Wheel bearings - removing and installing
Rear Axle
- Rear axle shaft - removing and installing
- Rear wheel bearing - removing and installing
- Differential oil - draining and filling
- Troubleshooting
- Driveshaft - removing and installing
- Center bearing assembly - removal and installing
- Flex disc - removal and installing

Braking system
Electronic braking and stability control (EBS)
Brake fluid changing
Bleeding brake system
Brake pads, discs, calipers
- Front brake components
- Front brake pads - replacing
- Rear brake pads - replacing
- Brake disc - removing and installing
- Front brake caliper - removing and installing
- Rear brake caliper - removing and installing
Master cylinder
- Master cylinder components
- Brake light switch - removing and installing
Parking brake
- Adjusting
- Parking brake shoes - removing and installing
Traction control system
- Wheel speed sensor - removing and installing

Steering wheel - removing and installing
Steering column
- Steering column lock
- Steering angle sensor - removing, installing, activating
Power steering
- Power steering pump - removing and installing
- Power steering bleeding
Mechanical steering components
- Steering gear - removing and installing
- Tie rod - removing and installing

Fuel Supply
On-board diagnostics (OBD)
Fuel tank
Fuel system schematic
Fuel pump
Fuel tank evaporative control system
Fuel system troubleshooting
- Fuel pump fuse and relay
- Operating fuel pump for tests
- Fuel pump electrical circuit - testing
- Fuel pressure gauge - installing
- Fuel pressure regulator
- Fuel delivery - testing
- Evaporative system troubleshooting
Fuel pump and fuel level senders
- Fuel level senders - removing and installing
- Fuel pump - removing and installing
Fuel supply components
- Fuel tank - draining
- Fuel tank - removing and installing
- Fuel pressure regulator - removing and installing
- Fuel expansion reservoir - removing and installing

Exhaust System
Exhaust system - removing and installing
- Catalytic converters - removing and installing
- Rear muffler - replacing
Exhaust manifolds - removing and installing
Oxygen sensors - removing and installing
Secondary air injection components
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

Electrical System
- Electrical test equipment
- Voltage and polarity
- Wiring, fuses and relays
- Static damage prevention
Bus systems
- CAN-bus connections
Horns - removing and installing
Parktronic system (PTS) components
Electrical trouble shooting
- Voltage and voltage drop
- Continuity checking
- Short circuits testing
- Troubleshooting
- Electronic battery testing
- Hydrometer testing
- Battery open-circuit voltage test
- Battery load voltage test
- Battery parasitic draw - testing
- Steering column switches
- Dashboard switches
- Center console switches
- Seat adjustment switches
- Sunroof switch
Instrument Cluster
- Display illumination
- Clock adjustment
- Instrument cluster - removing and installing
- Instrument cluster bulb - replacing

Glove compartment - removing and installing
Lower dashboard trim - removing and installing
Center console - removing and installing

Front door - adjusting
Front door panel - removing and installing
Door stop strap - replacing
Front door handle - removing and installing
Front door latch - removing
Door control module - removing and installing
Window regulator - removing and installing
Window motor - removing and installing

Central Locking
Central locking components
Central locking operation
Electronic ignition switch - removing and installing
Front door lock actuator - removing and installing
Fuel filler flap actuator - removing and installing
Trunk lid lock - removing installing and adjusting
Trunk lid lock actuator - removing and installing

Body Electrical System
Exterior lights
- Headlight aim - adjusting
- Headlight bulb - replacing
- Headlight unit - removing and installing
- Front turn signal bulb - replacing
- Taillight bulb - replacing
- Center brake light bulb - changing
- License plate light bulb - replacing
Headlight cleaning system
Interior lights
Windshield wipers and washers
- Wiper system
- Wiper arm - removing and installing
- Wiper assembly - removing and installing
- Windshield washer nozzle alignment
- Sound system components
- Radio - removing and installing

Climate Control
Blower motor - removing and installing
Climate control panel - removing and installing

Exterior panel gaps
Fender liners
Engine hood - removing, installing and aligning
Trunk lid - removing, installing and aligning
Outside mirror - removing and installing
Outside mirror glass - replacing

Seats, Restraints
Seats - removing and installing
Seat belts - removing and installing
Drivers airbag - removing and installing

Electrical Component Locations
Component locations
Connector locations
Fuse locations + ratings
Ground location
Component illustrations
- Connectors and terminals
- Relays, control modules, switches
Component location photos
- Engine compartment
- Trunk compartment

Electrical Wiring Diagrams
- Wiring color codes
- Symbols
Wiring diagrams
- Multi-function circuits
- Engine-fuel management
- Engine-electrical
- Automatic transmission
- Accelerator control
- Rear axle
- Brakes
- Electrical system - equipment and instruments
- Windows
- Doors
- Roof-sliding
- Central locking
- Electrical systems - body
- Heating and air conditioning
- Seats, SRS

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)
Malfunction indicator light (MIL)
Scan tool
Drive cycle
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)


Each Bentley manual describes maintenance and repair in the greatest detail.

Each Bentley manual describes maintenance and repair in the greatest detail.

Bentley Service Manuals contain a large number of clear wiring diagrams

Bentley Service Manuals contain a large number of clear wiring diagrams.

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