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VW Up! (AA, 2011 >) service and repair manuals

A repair manual for your Volkswagen Up! (type AA, 2011 >)? Here are workshop manuals to service Volkswagen cars. They provide detailed instructions for troubleshooting and to repair or replace parts.

VW Up! - Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst

"Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst" manual (nr. 297) for maintenance of the Volkswagen Up!.

Petrol engines:
- 1.0 L 12V (44 kW/60 hp and 55 kW/75 hp, engine codes CHYA and CHYB)
- 1.0 L EcoFuel (50 kW/68 hp, CPGA).

Pages of the book [JH 297] VW Up! (1)

  • This owner's guide describes the technology of the VW Up!.
  • Comprehensive instructions for the replacement of current parts such as shock absorbers, brake pads, brake discs, master cylinder and brake fluid / door mirrors, fuel cap, grille, bumpers, bonnet, tailgate, interior trim and seats / alternator and starter motor, voltage regulator, headlamps, tail lights / air filter, drivebelt, thermostat, coolant, oil filter and any glow plugs.
  • Also features adjustment data and a maintenance schedule.

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Author:Dieter Korp
Specs:240 pages, 26.5 x 20 cm / 10.4 x 7.9 in, paperback
Illustrations:about 250 photographs and drawings
Publisher:Motorbuch Verlag (D, 2013)
Series:Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst (297)
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