Sailing guides: Adriatic Sea - overview of all titles

A book on yachting in the Adriatic? Discover here cruising guides with useful information on routes, marinas and places of interest on the Adriatic Sea.

Book: Adriatic Pilot

Adriatic Pilot - Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, East Coast of Italy, Albania

Trevor Thompson, Dinah Thompson

English | hardback | 2020

Book: Mer Adriatique

Mer Adriatique - Albanie, Monténégro, Bosnie, Croatie, Slovénie, Italie

Trevor Thompson, Dinah Thompson

French | paperback | 456 p. | 2018

Book: Harbour Guide: Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia

Harbour Guide: Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia

E. Glaumann, J. Hermansson, P. Hotvedt

English | paperback | 350 p. | 2016

Book: Revierführer Kroatische Adria

Revierführer Kroatische Adria - mit Slowenien und Montenegro

Wolfgang Albrecht

German | hardback | 256 p. | 2014


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