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Kruisers - Italië: boeken - historie, schepen en inzet

Een boek over kruisers van de Regia Marina? Ontdek hier geïllustreerde boeken over de historie, typen en inzet van kruisers uit Italië.

Italian Heavy Cruisers - From Trento to Bolzano

When the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 effectively banned the building of battleships, competition between the major navies concentrated on the next most powerful category, heavy cruisers limited to 10,000 tons displacement and 8-inch guns. Italy followed this trend, the first design for what became Trento and Trieste being ordered in 1924.
These were the fastest of the first generation 'Treaty' cruisers but were very lightly armoured, and the succeeding Zara class of four ships were slower but better protected. However, before the final ship of this class (Pola) had been completed, there was a return to the earlier fast, lightly protected concept with the Bolzano, although this ship also incorporated aspects of the Zara design.

The political background, design history and technical features of these classes are covered in great depth in this volume. They were important ships, subject to incremental improvement so no two were identical, and modelmakers in particular will appreciate the space devoted to the variations in appearance, using both description and illustration.
As major units of the Italian battlefleet, they were more active than most during the war and their careers are fully detailed, including analyses of damage suffered. Tragically, they were all sunk and the full circumstances of each loss is explored.

As befits a technical history, the book is thoroughly illustrated with ship and armament plans, detail drawings and colour camouflage schemes, as well as an outstanding collection of photographs. Translated from the same series that produced the highly successful Italian Battleships, this volume is a fitting companion.

Auteur:Maurizio Brescia, Augusto De Toro
Uitvoering:224 blz, 30 x 25.5 x 2.3 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:280 z/w- en 12 kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Seaforth Publishing (GB, 2022)
Boek: Italian Heavy Cruisers - From Trento to Bolzano

Italian Heavy Cruisers - From Trento to Bolzano

Taal: Engels

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Italian Cruisers of World War II (Osprey)

The Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) operated one of largest cruiser forces of World War II. As a signatory to the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, the Regia Marina immediately attempted to reinforce its treaty-limited battleship force by building seven large 10,000-ton heavy cruisers.

Italian light cruisers also possessed an interesting design history and were involved in every major fleet engagement in the Mediterranean, as well as several smaller encounters with units of the British Royal Navy.

Fully illustrated with specially commissioned artwork, this fascinating volume examines the history of the Regia Marina's cruisers during World War II where they came up against the might of the British Royal Navy.

Auteur:Mark Stille
Uitvoering:48 blz, 25 x 21 x 0.6 cm, softcover
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Osprey Publishing (GB, 2018)
Serie:New Vanguard (258)
Boek: Italian Cruisers of World War II (Osprey)

Italian Cruisers of World War II

Taal: Engels

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The Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola (Super Drawings in 3D)

De "Pola" werd gebouwd door OTO te Livorno en kwam in 1932 bij de Regia Marina in dienst. Dit boek uit de serie "Super Drawings in 3D" beschrijft het ontwerp, de bewapening en de loopbaan van deze Italiaanse zware kruiser uit de Zara-klasse, die nog drie zusterschepen had ( Zara, Fiume en Gorizia).

  • Bevat 120 unieke computertekeningen in kleur (3D renders gebaseerd op technische tekeningen en foto's), die elke hoek van het schip laten zien.
  • Ook veel 3D-detailafbeeldingen van geschut, zoeklichten, enz.
  • Inclusief profieltekeningen.
  • Een uniek naslagwerk voor modelbouwers.
Auteur:Carlo Cestra
Uitvoering:80 blz, 30.5 x 21.5 x 1.8 cm, softcover
Illustraties:120 computertekeningen in 3D in kleur, z/w foto's, schaaltekeningen
Uitgever:Kagero Oficyna Wydawnicza (PL, 2017)
Serie:Super Drawings in 3D
Boek: The Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola (Super Drawings in 3D)

The Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola

Taal: Engels

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