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Ruimtevaart USSR/Rusland - Sojoez: boeken - historie

Een boek over Russische ruimtevaartprogramma's? Ontdek hier boeken over de historie en techniek van de Soyuz ruimteschepen.

Soyuz - A Universal Spacecraft

In "Soyuz: A Universal Spacecraft", authors Rex Hall and Dave Shayler review the development and operations of the Soyuz family of spacecraft. This includes the lesser-known military and unmanned versions of this reliable spacecraft.
While most works on Soviet / Russian space operations focus on space station activities, the story of the Soyuz spacecraft has been largely neglected. An integral element of Salyut and Mir space station operations, the small ferry has been the mainstay of cosmonaut transportation since 1967. In addition, since 1978 the unmanned freighter version called Progress has provided a means in which to regularly re-supply a space station and so prolong its orbital lifetime.
Using authentic Soviet and Russian sources this book is the first known work in the west dedicated to revealing the full story of the Soyuz series, including a complete listing of vehicle production numbers.

Contents: Foreword - Author's Introduction - Preface: Into Space on Soyuz - Origins - Early Soyuz - First Flights - The Lunar Adventure - Return to Flight - Soyuz to Salyut - Solo Soyuz - Person Upgrade - Space Freighter - Soyuz for ISS - Cosmonaut Training - Unmanned Applications - Appendices - Glossary - References - Bibliography - Index.

Auteur:Rex Hall, David Shayler
Uitvoering:459 blz, 25 x 18 x 2.6 cm, softcover
Uitgever:Springer London Ltd (GB, 2003)
Boek: Soyuz - A Universal Spacecraft

Soyuz - A Universal Spacecraft

Taal: Engels

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The Soyuz Launch Vehicle - the Two Lives of an Engineering Triumph

The Soyuz launch vehicle has had a long and illustrious history. Built as the world's first intercontinental missile, it took the first man into space in April 1961, before becoming the workhorse of Russian spaceflight, launching satellites, interplanetary probes, every cosmonaut from Gagarin onwards, and, now, the multinational crews of the International Space Station.

This remarkable book gives a complete and accurate description of the two lives of Soyuz, chronicling the cooperative space endeavor of Europe and Russia.
First, it takes us back to the early days of astronautics, when technology served politics. From archives found in the Soviet Union the authors describe the difficulty of designing a rocket in the immediate post-war period.
Then, in Soyuz's golden age, it launched numerous scientific missions and manned flights which were publicized worldwide while the many more numerous military missions were kept highly confidential!

The second part of the book tells the contemporary story of the second life of Soyuz, gathered from Western sources and interviews with key protagonists. It addresses the sensitive issue of the strategic choices that led to the establishment of Soyuz in French Guiana, describing the role of a few visionaries in Russia and in Europe who decided to leave their respective isolation behind and bring Syouz and Ariane together.

Auteur:Christian Lardier, Stefan Barensky
Uitvoering:512 blz, 24 x 17 x 1.9 cm, softcover
Illustraties:122 z/w- en 111 kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Springer-Verlag New York Inc. (USA, 2013)
Boek: The Soyuz Launch Vehicle - the Two Lives of an Engineering Triumph

The Soyuz Launch Vehicle - the Two Lives of an Engineering Triumph

Taal: Engels

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Moskaus Mondprogramm (Raumfahrt-Bibliothek)

Die sowjetischen Pläne zur Erreichung des Mondes waren letztlich der Startschuss für den Wettstreit der beiden Supermächte um die Vorherrschaft im All. Sowjetische Sonden erreichten medial vielbeachtet den Mond.
Das weitere Programm versuchte die UdSSR in aller Heimlichkeit abzuwickeln, um dann mit einem Paukenschlag die bemannte Landung verkünden zu können.

Bladzijden uit het boek Moskaus Mondprogramm (1)

Dass dies nicht gelang, ist Geschichte. Doch den spannenden Weg dahin, die wagemutigen Versuche und spektakulären Fehlschläge - das kennen nur die Wenigsten. Eugen Reichl beleuchtet den Weg der UdSSR zum Mond mit Hilfe spannender Infos und Bilder. Ein Muss für jeden Raumfahrt-Enthusiasten!

Auteur:Eugen Reichl
Uitvoering:144 blz, 20.5 x 14 cm, softcover
Illustraties:17 z/w- en 73 kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Motorbuch Verlag (D, 2017)
Boek: Moskaus Mondprogramm (Raumfahrt-Bibliothek)

Moskaus Mondprogramm

Taal: Duits

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