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Airbus passagiersvliegtuigen: boeken - historie en techniek

Een boek over Airbus passagiersvliegtuigen? Ontdek hier geïllustreerde boeken over de historie, typen en techniek van Airbus passagiersvliegtuigen.

Airbus A300 (Die Flugzeugstars)

Dieser Band der Reihe "Flugzeugstars" hat den europäischen Airbus A300 zum Thema, der die Passagierluftfahrt nachhaltig beeinflusst hat. Er war das erste zweistrahlige Grossraumflugzeug der Welt und machte den Hersteller Airbus nach einigen Startschwierigkeiten zum ernstzunehmenden Konkurrenten US-amerikanischer Hersteller.

Bladzijden uit het boek Airbus A300 - Die Flugzeugstars (1)

Wolfgang Borgmann zeichnet die gesamte Geschichte der A300 nach und unterlegt diese mit beeindruckendem Bildmaterial und technischen Fakten.

Bladzijden uit het boek Airbus A300 - Die Flugzeugstars (2)

Auteur:Wolfgang Borgmann
Uitvoering:144 blz, 22 x 24 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Motorbuch Verlag (D, 2018)
Serie:Die Flugzeugstars

Airbus A300 / 310 (Legends of Flight)

The first aircraft designed, built, and sold by Airbus, the A300 airliner debuted in 1974 with Air France and was in constant service throughout the world. Among the many past and present airlines flying the A300/310 are Air Hong Kong, Air France, Air India, American, China Airlines, Eastern, EgyptAir, FedEx, Finnair, Iberia, Korean Air, Pan Am, SAS, UPS, and many others. Though it is no longer produced, examples of the aircraft still fly today.

By producing the A300 the first twin-jet, wide-body airliner in the world the European Airbus consortium succeeded in joining the league of leading aircraft makers. The path was both rocky and exciting.
Filled with detailed text, including historical, technological, and flight information, as well as colorful photos, this volume provides a fascinating insight into the history of commercial aviation.

Auteur:Wolfgang Borgmann
Uitvoering:144 blz, 23.5 x 23.5 x 2.1 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:110 z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Schiffer Publishing Ltd (USA, 2021)
Serie:Legends of Flight

Airbus A.320

The Airbus A.320 has, since its presentation, completely transformed the worldwide aeronautical scene thanks to the technological and planning innovations it brought with it. In a short time this aircraft and its manufacturing company, the European Airbus consortium, have known how to transform the traditional way of flying introducing great epoch making changes, conquering the faith and favours of the airline companies.

The design of this aircraft is characterized by soft lines and sinuous forms, making it one of the most elegant ever produced. This elegance has closed within its inside a great concentration of technology at the service of the pilots who for the first time have had to interface the management of the operations not only among themselves but with the software of the A.320, a computer on board that superintends and regulates every impulse received, creating in effect a new way of flying.

Thanks to the launching of the A.320 NEO version the aircraft has been guaranteed an operational future in the skies and airports of all the world for the next 25 years. The dependability and quality of its performances, understood to be both in terms of operational economy and comfort offered to the passengers, make it a valid tool on which the airlines have built their fortunes guaranteeing profit margins that cannot be obtained with other planes.

This book describes the history and characteristics of the A.320. Model making notes which thanks to exclusive pictures will guide you in the assembly and building of the plane on the scales 1:144, 1:100 and 1:200 in the livery of a famous and prestigious Italian airline conclude the publication.

Auteur:Luca Granella
Uitvoering:112 blz, 3202 x 3 cm, softcover
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd
Uitgever:IBN Editore (IT, 2016)
Boek: Airbus A.320

Airbus A.320

Taal: Italiaans

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