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Bouw uw een eigen auto! - handboeken voor zelfbouw (2/2)

Wilt U zelf een auto bouwen? Ontdek hier handleidingen met instructies voor zelfbouw van sportwagens, buggies, kit cars en racewagens (2/2). Ze bevatten gedetailleerde instructies voor het oplossen van technische problemen en het vervangen van onderdelen.

Building a Special - Following the build of Ant's own classic F1 single-seater special

Ant Anstead's built his own-design 'special' car, taking inspiration from the Alfa 158 - the first World Championship-winning F1 car, which raced from the 1930s until the 1950s. The 12-part TV series followed Ant's build of the car, from the first design ideas, through the construction, culminating in the debut of the car during the 2019 US Grand Prix weekend in Austin, Texas.

The book follows Ant's personal build of the car, as documented in the TV series, from the selection of the donor MG TD for the chassis, and Alfa Romeo Spider for the engine and gearbox, through modifying the chassis, building the suspension, steering, brakes, bodywork and interior, and putting all the components together to produce a finished one-off 'special'.

Heavily illustrated throughout with photos, technical drawings and sketches, and written in Ant's own words, this book expands on the 12-part TV series about this project, providing more detail of the components (including dimensions), engineering and techniques used to build the car.

Content includes:
Introduction, the history of specials, planning, donor car, chassis, suspension, steering, rear axle, engine, fuel system, cooling system, ancillaries, exhaust, gearbox, bodywork, braking system, cockpit, wiring, preparation and painting, testing, setting up and making road legal.

Auteur:Ant Anstead
Uitvoering:192 blz, 28 x 21.5 x 2 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Haynes Publishing (GB, 2021)
Boek: Building a Special - Following the build of Ant's own classic F1 single-seater special

Building a Special - Following the build of Ant's own classic F1 single-seater special

Taal: Engels

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How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (Veloce SpeedPro)

If you are aspiring to build a racing car, this could be the book that you've been waiting for! Tony Pashley revisits the path that he took in the Pashley Project articles in Race Tech magazine during the design and construction of two successful hillclimb cars, but this time in great detail, with a view to enabling the reader to carry out a similar exercise for themselves.

Although hillclimb and sprint cars are the focal topic, a lot of the book is applicable to race cars in general. The cars under discussion in the book are powered by motorcycle engines, which are meeting with great success in the smaller racing car classes.

The total process of building a car is described, beginning with the selection and procurement of the engine. Chassis and suspension design is covered in a simplistic but adequate manner as the author's aim is to minimise the inclusion of involved calculations.

Two recipes for chassis construction are illustrated in detail, along with guidance on the processes of construction and a description of the required equipment. Following on from this, the fabrication of the suspension is explained.
Further chapters are dedicated to the remaining aspects of the vehicle, covering transmission, brakes, fuel and coolant systems, and electrics. The book is heavily illustrated with photographs and extensive explanatory diagrams and tables. A vital addition to any would be kit car builders library.

Auteur:Tony Pashley
Uitvoering:128 blz, 25 x 20.5 x 1.4 cm, softcover
Illustraties:391 kleurenfoto's, 25 tekeningen
Uitgever:Veloce Publishing Ltd (GB, 2017)
Boek: How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (Veloce SpeedPro)

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars

Taal: Engels

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How to Build A Racing Car

Originally published in 1949 by Floyd Clymer, this comprehensive and informative book, written in easy to understand language, puts the capability of designing and building a 1950's era midget racing car or a three-quarter (dirt track) car within reach of the home-based enthusiast.
The fundamental principles described in this book may also be applied to the construction of a 50's track roadster or even a custom built hot rod.

Highly technical terminology and engineering terms have been avoided, as the aim of this book is to define the construction process in clear and understandable terms, regardless of the reader's technical background or training. The principles it contains are just as relevant today as they were some 50 years ago when this book was first written.

The design process is clearly explained, the raw materials required are described, and the construction process is presented in an easy-to-follow step by step procedure. Obviously, this book would also be a valuable reference for anyone contemplating repairing, refurbishing or restoring a vintage racing car.
This edition also includes a 38 page bonus section featuring a reproduction of an appropriate Offenhauser Speed Equipment catalog.

Out-of-print and unavailable for many years, this book is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this print-on-demand reproduction as a service to all those vintage automotive race car builders and enthusiasts worldwide.

Auteur:Floyd Clymer
Uitvoering:86 blz, 28 x 21 x 0.5 cm, softcover
Illustraties:z/w illustraties
Uitgever:Veloce Press (USA, 2010)
Boek: How to Build A Racing Car

How to Build A Racing Car

Taal: Engels

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The Complete Builder's Guide to Hot Rod Chassis & Suspension

There is no shortage of options regarding suspensions for your rodding project. Which ones are the best? How hard are they to install, and how much is it going to cost?

In "How to Build Hot Rod Chassis", highly regarded hot rodding author Jeff Tann covers everything enthusiasts need to know about designing and building their new chassis and suspension system.
It thoroughly explores both factory and aftermarket frames, modified factory solid-axle suspensions, and aftermarket independent front and rear suspension setups.

No matter what design a reader may be considering for his own car, this book delivers a wealth of information on the pros and cons of all systems available.
Whether you end up building a traditional or retro rod and stick with a conventional system, go high-tech and get the latest and greatest, or decide on a hybrid somewhere in between, it will guide you through the process of choosing, installing, and enjoying your hot rod's suspension.

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Auteur:Jeff Tann
Uitvoering:146 blz, 28 x 21.5 x 0.8 cm, softcover
Illustraties:z/w illustraties
Uitgever:CarTech Inc (USA, 2010)
Serie:S-A Design (SA185P)
Boek: The Complete Builder's Guide to Hot Rod Chassis & Suspension

The Complete Builder's Guide to Hot Rod Chassis & Suspension

Taal: Engels

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