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Chevrolet Corvair (1959-1969): Bildbände - Geschichte

Ein Buch über den Chevrolet Corvair (1959-1969)? Hier finden Sie Bücher zur Geschichte und Technik der Chevrolet Sportwagen.

Chevrolet Corvair - Photo History

When the Corvair was introduced in 1960, Chevrolet's ''Beetle Fighter'' looked like a sure winner. However, in 1965 the Corvair became mired in controversy, due to questions regarding its high speed handling and stability.
Today the Corvair has become a highly desired collectible among many car enthusiasts. This book covers all of the cars produced, as well as the rise and fall of the Corvair.

Included are production figures for each model for all years the Corvair was produced in America and Canada. Also features:
- year-by-year Spotter's Guide
- Comfort and Convenience Options and prices when first available
- Installation Rates
- Powertrain Specifications
- and contact information for parts vendors, clubs, and other resources.

Autor:Monty Montgomery
Ausführung:120 Seiten, 23 x 18.5 x 1 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:131 s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:Iconografix (USA, 2004)
Buch: Chevrolet Corvair - Photo History

Chevrolet Corvair

Sprache: Englisch

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Chevrolet Corvair 1959-1969 - Brooklands Performance Portfolio

Brooklands Portfolio Buch über die Chevrolet Corvair Modelle aus den Jahren 1959-1969. Beschreibt die Chevrolet Corvair Monza, Automatic, 700, 900, Monza Sprint, Monza Spyder, Monza GT, EMPI Monza, Corsa Convertible, Corsa, IECO Corvair und Monza Sport Coupé.

  • Die 40 Artikel aus britischen und amerikanischen Autozeitschriften von damals bieten viele Informationen über Geschichte, Modellwechsel und Techik.
  • Auch Fahrimpressionen, Tests, Vergleichstests, technische Daten, usw.

Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen über die Brooklands Portfolio Bücher

Ausführung:140 Seiten, 26.5 x 20 x 1.1 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:300 Fotos
Verlag:Brooklands Books (GB, 1998)
Buch: Chevrolet Corvair 1959-1969 - Brooklands Performance Portfolio

Chevrolet Corvair 1959-1969

Sprache: Englisch

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Corvair by Chevrolet - Experimental & Production Cars 1957-1969

One of the most controversial cars ever made, Chevrolet's Corvair is celebrated in this unique pictorial history. From his files on the Corvair - which he first road-tested in 1959 - Karl Ludvigsen presents a plethora of photos of the original 'Holden' prototypes on test and even a Corvair engine installed in a Porsche, its first running test bed.
Photos of the production Corvairs down through the years are interspersed with wild and woolly prototypes and concept cars based on this unique rear-engined auto, the one whose unusual handling helped make Ralph Nader famous.

Ludvigsen, who worked at GM during much of the Corvair era from 1960 to 1969, reveals styling models and describes his own involvement with one of the handsomest sports prototypes ever designed, the Corvair Monza GT. It's a feast for fans of the novel and endearing Corvair.

Autor:Karl Ludvigsen
Ausführung:125 Seiten, 21.5 x 26 x 0.8 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:120 s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:Iconografix (USA, 2001)
Buch: Corvair by Chevrolet - Experimental & Production Cars 1957-1969

Corvair by Chevrolet - Experimental & Production Cars 1957-1969

Sprache: Englisch

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