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Yakovlev vliegtuigen: boeken - historie, techniek en inzet

Een boek over Yakovlev vliegtuigen? Ontdek hier geïllustreerde boeken over de historie, techniek en inzet van Yakovlev vliegtuigen.

Jakowlew - seit 1934 (Typenkompass)

Chronologisch overzicht van alle Yakovlew vliegtuigen en helikopters, die sinds 1934 zijn geproduceerd.
Aan bod komen niet alleen de sport- en opleidingsvliegtuigen uit de jaren 30, maar ook de Yak-1 tot Yak-9 jagers uit WO2. Ook de verkeersvliegtuigen en acrobatische toestellen worden niet vergeten.

Bladzijden uit het boek [TK] Jakowlew - seit 1934 (1)

Per type geeft dit Typenkompass boek een foto, een historische beschrijving en technische gegevens.

Auteur:Wilfried Bergholz
Uitvoering:144 blz, 20.5 x 14 cm, softcover
Illustraties:107 z/w- en 54 kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Motorbuch Verlag (D, 2017)
Boek: Jakowlew - seit 1934 (Typenkompass)

Jakowlew - seit 1934

Taal: Duits

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Yakovlev Aircraft of World War Two

Founded in 1927, the design bureau headed by Aleksandr S. Yakovlev started out with light aircraft but soon became a 'fighter maker' when the prospect of war loomed large.

Originally designated I-26, Yakovlev's first simple but rugged fighter, first flew in 1940 and entered production at the end of the year as the Yak-I.
The Yak-9 introduced in 1942, brought a greater proportion of metal to the airframe design which made it lighter leading to the development of the long-range Yak-9D, the up-gunned tank buster versions (Yak-9-37, Yak-(K etc.) and the Yak-9B light bomber.
Flown by the French pilots of the Normandie-Niemen squadron of the Soviet Air Force the Yak-3 brought out in 1943 came to be recognised as one of the Soviet Fighters of WWII.

Richly illustrated with unit badges, nose art, scale drawings, colour side views and three-views, as well as unreleased photos and personal stories from pilots in the Great Patriotic War, "Yakovlev Aircraft of World War II" is a detailed reference source for modellers, enthusiasts and historians alike.

Auteur:Gordon Yefim, Sergey Komissarov
Uitvoering:272 blz, 29.5 x 21 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:500+ foto's en tekeningen
Uitgever:Hikoki Publications (GB, 2014)
Boek: Yakovlev Aircraft of World War Two

Yakovlev Aircraft of World War Two

Taal: Engels

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BF 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 : Eastern Front 1941-42 (Osprey)

Step into the cockpits of the Luftwaffe's Bf 109 and the Red Air Force's Yaks 1-7, two fighters which were involved in some of the largest, fiercest aerial battles in history.
The Iconic Messerschmitt fighter and its combat hardened pilots inflicted a fearful beating on the Yaks in the beginning of the war. Some of the highest scoring aces in history benefitted from the Bf 109's technical superiority over the overweight and underpowered Yak 1, racking up incredible successes against their poorly trained and equipped adversaries.
And yet, as the Soviets accumulated combat experience, their tactics improved, as did their mounts in the upgraded Yak 1B and gradually, the Red Force eroded the Jagdwaffe's dominance of the skies in the eastern front, though with the 109G they would never lose qualitative superiority.
Featuring first-hand accounts from veteran pilots, rare archival photographs and expert analysis, this volume brings to life the vicious dogfights that took place between the Bf 109 and the Yak as they vied for mastery of the frozen skies of the Eastern Front.

Contents: Introduction - Chronology - Design & Development - Technical Specifications - Strategic Situation - Combatants - Combat - Statistics and Analysis - Aftermath - Further Reading - Index.

Auteur:Dmitriy Khazanov, Aleksander Medved
Uitvoering:80 blz, 25 x 18.5 x 0.8 cm, softcover
Illustraties:Rijk geïllustreerd met foto's en tekeningen (z/w en kleur)
Uitgever:Osprey Publishing (GB, 2015)
Serie:Duel (65)
Boek: BF 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 : Eastern Front 1941-42 (Osprey)

BF 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 : Eastern Front 1941-42

Taal: Engels

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Yakovlev Yak-3

The Yakovlev Yak-3 was a World War II Soviet fighter aircraft. Robust and easy to maintain, it was very much liked by pilots and ground crew alike. It was one of the smallest and lightest major combat fighters fielded by any combatant during the war.
After the war ended, it flew with the Yugoslav and Polish Air Forces.

This book is the latest in a new reference series for aircraft modellers called 'Spotlight On', featuring superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, specially commissioned for the series, never seen before.
It presents detailed illustrations of this famous plane and over 40 colour plans and profile views of the plane's camouflage, colours and markings in the air forces of many countries, including the Free French Normandie-Niemen Regiment in the USSR.

This is a rarely documented aspect of World War II aviation history, providing brand new reference material for aviation modellers and collectors.

Auteur:Artur Juszczak
Uitvoering:48 blz, 30.5 x 22 x 0.9 cm, hardcover
Illustraties:z/w foto's, 40 profieltekeningen in kleur
Uitgever:MMP Books (PL, 2017)

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