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Ciągniki rolnicze Leyland: książki - historia i modele

Książka o ciągnikach rolniczych Leyland? Znajdziesz tu książki o historii, modeli i technologii ciągników rolniczych Leyland.

Leyland Tractors

The story of the Leyland Tractor begins with the orange Nuffield tractor of 1948, which was to influence the development of Leyland tractors in many key ways. The book then focuses on the period 1969 to 1982 when the name Leyland was used on the bonnet of a range of blue tractors all built in Bathgate, Scotland.

All the various models built during this time are looked at in detail and in perspective as each new product brought new innovations and improvements, such as quiet cabs and syncromesh gearing, as well as some less successful developments.
The story continues when Leyland Tractors was sold to Marshall of Gainsborough but concludes in the mid-1980s when the firm faltered.

The last section of the book then looks at the legacy of the Leyland tractors and celebrates the fact that many have been restored by collectors and still others are still out on farms working as they were intended.

Filled with original modern photography of tractors both at work and on display and containing previously unseen material, this book is a unique addition to the tractor enthusiast's library.

Autor:Jonathan Whitlam
Szczegóły:96 strony, 23.5 x 16.5 x 1.1 cm, miękka oprawa
Ilustracje:200 czarno-białych i kolorowych zdjęć
Wydawca:Amberley Publishing (GB, 2017)
Książka: Leyland Tractors

Leyland Tractors

Język: angielski

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The Nuffield Tractor Story (Volume 2) - Nuffield and Leyland 1963-1982

In Volume One of the "Nuffield Tractor Story", Tony Clare took the account up to 1967, the era of the powerful 10/60 model. In Volume 2 he continues with the development of the Mini tractor. Tony shows the final development of the Nuffield mid-range tractors, the 4/65 and the 3/45, and their further evolution into the first of the re-badged Leyland Tractors, the 384 and the 344 models.

With detailed research and many photographs the author goes on to cover the roller-coaster ride that awaited this key part of the British tractor industry. He deals with the later difficulties of the British Motor Corporation and the government-initiated merger with Leyland Vehicles.
Further development of the tractor range was to continue with the introduction of the '98' series engines, safety cabs, the 'Synchro' gearbox and the 'Harvest Gold' range. Finally, British Leyland decided to dispose of the tractor business in 1982.

Autor:Anthony Clare
Szczegóły:224 strony, 27.5 x 21.5 cm, twarda oprawa
Ilustracje:około 300 fotografii
Wydawca:Old Pond Publishing Ltd (GB, 2013)
Książka: The Nuffield Tractor Story (Volume 2) - Nuffield and Leyland 1963-1982

The Nuffield Tractor Story (Volume 2) - Nuffield and Leyland 1963-1982

Język: angielski

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