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Revierführer - Ostsee: Navigation und Yachthäfen

Ein Segelführer für Ihren Bootsurlaub auf der Ostsee? Diese Bücher informieren Ihnen über Navigation, Yachthäfen und Sehenswürdigkeiten

The Baltic Sea and Approaches (4th Edition)

This 4th edition has been produced by a team from the Royal Cruising Club and contains substantial changes. Apart from the routine updating of the text and plans - many newly drawn for this edition - and the addition of new photos, there are also some major changes.
In particular coverage of Finland has been reorganized, and reflecting the fast pace of change since the last edition, the Baltic States and Poland sections have been improved significantly.

The nine countries bordering the Baltic Sea offer an immense variety of cruising grounds, people and cultures. There are thousands of harbours and innumerable anchorages, and it would take an entire bookshelf, to cover them all in detail. The information contained in this book is therefore selective.

It has been chosen for its value both at the planning stages - preparing the yacht, choosing the most suitable route, timing and communications etc - and again on arrival, when a general overview of each individual country is followed by specific harbour information.
Where detailed cruising information is readily available - effectively Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - only selected harbours are covered, chosen, with a few exceptions, as fulfilling certain key needs.
Where cruising information is more limited - Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia - many smaller harbours are also featured in detail.

In addition to comprehensive suggestions for further reading (and sources in each country from which they may be ordered) more than 200 websites are listed, again chosen for their relevance both at the planning stages and en route.
In order to facilitate the latter, as well as for general communication, details of internet access points are included for most major harbours. Beautiful, secluded anchorages, picturesque canals, bustling marinas, dramatic cities - all await those considering a Baltic cruise.

Autor:RCC Pilotage Foundation
Ausführung:376 Seiten, 29.5 x 21 x 4 cm, gebunden
Abbildungen:zahlreiche Farbfotos und Karten
Verlag:Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd (GB, 2017)
Buch: The Baltic Sea and Approaches (4th Edition)

The Baltic Sea and Approaches (4th Edition)

Sprache: Englisch

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Germany and Denmark

This new Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation title is the successor to Brian Navin's cruising guide to the area, covering the exposed North Sea coasts and the more protected Baltic Sea coasts of both Germany and Denmark.
Coverage has been updated and expanded from specific routes to a comprehensive sequence of ports and anchorages along each area of coast, with introductory information about places of interest to visit ashore.

Author Nicholas Hill cruised the region extensively for many years and has enriched the text with new photographs throughout. Plans include up to date hydrographic data for both German and Danish waters.
This cruising guide is an ideal companion for those who plan to explore the more challenging, shifting coastline of the North Sea and the comparatively gentle and intricate indentations and archipelagos in the entrance to the Baltic. It is also a useful resource for anyone on a more direct passage through to the Baltic Sea proper.

Autor:RCC Pilotage Foundation, Nicholas Hill
Ausführung:272 Seiten, 29.5 x 21 x 1.7 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:zahlreiche Farbfotos und Karten
Verlag:Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd (GB, 2022)
Buch: Germany and Denmark

Germany and Denmark

Sprache: Englisch

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