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Humvee - USA: Bücher - Geschichte, Typen und Technik

Ein Buch über Humvee Militärlastwagen? Entdecken Sie hier Bildbände über die Geschichte, Modelle und Technik der Militärlastwagen aus den USA.

Humvee Enthusiasts' Manual - all military variants (1985 onwards) - An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and driving (Haynes Military Manual)

The Humvee, the modern-day US military four-wheel-drive successor to the Willys Jeep, is used by numerous armed forces around the world and in some civilian adaptations.
Over 10,000 Humvees were deployed in numerous roles by coalition forces during the Iraq war.

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At least 25 variants of this highly versatile vehicle have been produced, from unarmoured light transport to surface-to-air missile platform, including ambulances, tracked versions, troop carriers and special ops variants.
This manual provides a unique insight into the world of military Humvees, with an emphasis on military operation and equipment.

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Autor:Pat Ware
Ausführung:160 Seiten, 28 x 21.5 x 1.4 cm, gebunden
Abbildungen:20 s/w-Abbildungen und 260 Farbfotos
Verlag:Haynes Publishing (GB, 2014)
Serie:Haynes Military Manual
Buch: Humvee Enthusiasts' Manual - all military variants (1985 onwards) - An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and driving (Haynes Military Manual)

Humvee Enthusiasts' Manual - all military variants (1985 onwards) - An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and driving

Sprache: Englisch

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AM General Humvee - Le Hummer militaire

Au cours des 30 ans qui ont suivi son apparition, le Humvee est devenu l'un des véhicules militaires le plus connus du monde. Cet engin aussi polyvalent qu'efficace qui a servi l'Armée américaine lors de ses opérations en Afghanistan, en Afrique, au Moyen-Orient et dans l'ancienne Yougoslavie est en outre utilisé par plus de 60 pays.

Le développement de ce qui a été officiellement appelé " véhicule à roues polyvalent à grande mobilité " (HUMWV) a commencé en 1979 lorsque 61 constructeurs reçurent une fiche-programme indiquant les spécifications du futur engin. AM General, une des trois firmes seulement qui soumirent des propositions, bénéficia d'un contrat de production en mars 1983.

Le premier exemplaire de série de ce qui fut appelé le Humvee sortit d'usine en janvier 1985, inaugurant la première série d'une gamme qui comptera jusqu'à 16 variantes. Un puissant moteur V8 et des transmissions innovatrices lui conféraient une extraordinaire capacité d'évolution en tout-terrain combinée à la possibilité d'atteindre des vitesses très élevées sur sol ferme.
En 2011, le gouvernement américain annonça que le Humvee serait remplacé par un tout nouveau véhicule tactique léger universel (JLTV). La production du Humvee, au moins pour l'US Army, finit par dépasser 280.000 véhicules.

Cet ouvrage qui décrit le Humvee en détail, raconte l'histoire de son développement, replace l'engin dans son contexte historique et militaire et en souligne les caractéristiques principales. À l'intention des éventuels propriétaires, il traite des problèmes d'acquisition, de restauration et de mise en oeuvre du Humvee et aborde l'épineux problème du prix.

Autor:Pat Ware
Ausführung:160 Seiten, 27 x 21 cm, gebunden
Abbildungen:260 farbige und s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:ETAI (F, 2014)
Buch: AM General Humvee - Le Hummer militaire

AM General Humvee - Le Hummer militaire

Sprache: Französisch

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Humvee - America's Military Workhorse (Legends of Warfare)

Since the mid-1980s, the American High Mobility Military Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, or Humvee) has become synonymous with the US military. In service all around the world for decades, it remains-Iraq War controversies notwithstanding-the world standard in light military tactical vehicles.
Gradually nearing the end of its frontline service, it has earned a place of honor beside the much-loved Jeep of World War II.

This is a concise look at the background, development, and operational history of the Humvee from the 1970s to the present. The author brings a unique perspective and authority as a Bosnia veteran and former Humvee crewman with the United States Army's 1/104th Cavalry. He was granted behind-the-scenes access to 1/104th Cavalry HMMWVs and the Army's collection of rare vehicles at Ft. Benning, Georgia.
Also included is the Humvee's service in lesser-known places such as Cold War Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Korea, and Africa, as well as detail photos of the Humvee's features.

Autor:Christian M. DeJohn
Ausführung:128 Seiten, 23.5 x 23.5 x 2.1 cm, gebunden
Abbildungen:236 farbige und s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:Schiffer Publishing Ltd (USA, 2020)
Serie:Legends of Warfare
Buch: Humvee - America's Military Workhorse (Legends of Warfare)

Humvee - America's Military Workhorse

Sprache: Englisch

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Humvee: American Multi-Purpose Support Truck (Land Craft)

With its characteristic wide track, low silhouette and its distinctively deep exhaust note the Humvee sets itself apart from the range of light utility trucks it replaced. Fully air-portable, the Humvee features an aluminium body seated on a steel ladder chassis, powered by a 190hp V8 engine.
Introduced into service in 1985, the Humvee remained pretty much unnoticed until its baptism of fire during the invasion of Panama in Operation Just Cause. It wasn't until almost a year later, in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Strom that the Humvee really came into the public eye.

As a result of its newly found fame its manufacturer, American Motors General, started to produce a civilized version for public consumption, with sales and profile boosted by Hollywood patronage. At the same time the Humvee continued to serve in some of the most dangerous US operations undertaken to date. From the streets of Mogadishu to the Balkans, the Humvee developed into a vehicle far removed from its original design intentions.
With some 17 variants now in service, from the basic troop carrier to the awesome Avenger Anti-Aircraft system, this Humvee LandCraft title provides the modeller with a rich vein of inspirations and subject.

This title looks at the process behind the design and development of the Humvee and how American Motors General were able to fulfil a complex design brief to deliver a single vehicle that was able to replace a host of in-service vehicles. This title will chart how the Humvee grew from a light utility truck into a versatile platform whose modesty hides its potential.
With its specially designed track, impressive ground clearance, waterproofed electronics and ability to carry a one tonne load, the first Humvees were light years ahead of the vehicles they replaced. With its unique suspension and transmission systems to its unique engine arrangement this 4x4 is capable of feats normally only afforded to tracked vehicles.

With some 17 versions in US service the Humvee fulfils its traditional role as cargo and troop carrier as well as special-weapons platform, ambulances, Direct Air Support vehicles and communications shelter vehicles.
After 35 years of service the Humvee has changed from soft skinned run-about to a lightly armoured force protection asset. Fitted with a larger engine, inter-changeable armour, specially designed escape windows and a unique blast chimney, the Humvee's story is indeed proof that development of military vehicles never stops.

For the modeller there is nothing more important than the little things and this image-rich section of LandCrafts' Humvee title delivers the goods.
Filled with crisp images that chart the Humvee's development, combined with informative accompanying text, forms an enviable visual guide for the enthusiast and modeller alike.

Autor:Ben Skipper
Ausführung:64 Seiten, 29.5 x 20.5 x 0.8 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:200 farbige und s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:Pen & Sword Books Ltd (GB, 2021)
Serie:Land Craft
Buch: Humvee: American Multi-Purpose Support Truck (Land Craft)

Humvee: American Multi-Purpose Support Truck

Sprache: Englisch

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AM General - Hummers, Mutts, Buses & Postal Jeeps

While AM General is almost totally unknown, it makes some of the most recognizable vehicles in the world including the Hummer, Humvee, and postal Jeeps. During its relatively short life AM General has produced a wide range of commercial and military vehicles including postal service Jeeps and vans, military trucks from the 1/4- up to 5-ton models, military trailers, transit buses, motor home chassis, and more.

Inside this book, widely respected author Patrick Foster gives the reader an in-depth look at AM General and its vehicles with spectacular black and white photographs combined with insightful captions. A treat for all enthusiasts!

Autor:Patrick R. Foster
Ausführung:128 Seiten, 21.5 x 26 x 1 cm, kartoniert
Abbildungen:149 s/w-Abbildungen
Verlag:Iconografix (USA, 2005)
Buch: AM General - Hummers, Mutts, Buses & Postal Jeeps

AM General - Hummers, Mutts, Buses & Postal Jeeps

Sprache: Englisch

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