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Samoloty Lavochkin: książki - historia i technika

Książka o samolocie Lavochkin? Odkryj tutaj książki poświęcone historii, modelom i technice myśliwców Lavochkin.

Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War

Lavochkin fighters remain little known in the West, although with the Yakovlev fighter series, they were the backbone of the Red Air Force fighter force during the Second World War.
This is a comprehensive history of the three main variants of the Lavochkin fighter series during the war: the partially successful LaGG-3 inline-engine fighter; the successful radial-engine La-5 fighter; and the superb radial-engine La-7 fighter, one of the best piston-engine fighter aircraft of the entire war, even surpassing the Spitfire and Bf 109 in terms of agility and performance at low altitudes.

Both the design and history of these fighters are featured, including how the mediocre inline-engine LaGG-3 was turned into a superb fighter by the replacement of the Klimov inline engine by the Shvetsov M-82 radial engine.
Besides describing the wartime designs, a section on the post-war successors to the Second World War fighters - the all metal La-9 and La-11 - that saw extensive service, and accurate colour profiles that detail all variants are included in this stunning book.

Autor:Jason Nicholas Moore
Szczegóły:240 strony, 25 x 17 cm, twarda oprawa
Ilustracje:110 zdjęć czarno-białych i 50 kolorowych
Wydawca:Fonthill Media (GB, 2016)
Książka: Lavochkin Fighters of WW2

Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War

Język: angielski

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