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Samoloty Aichi: książki - historia i technika

Książka o samolocie Aichi? Odkryj tutaj książki poświęcone historii, modelom i technice samolotów Aichi.

Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' Units - 1937-42

The Aichi Type 99 Carrier Bomber (D3A) - code named 'Val' by Allied intelligence - was the mainstay of the Imperial Japanese Navy's carrier dive-bomber force from 1941 to 1943. It sank more Allied warship tonnage than any other Axis aircraft during World War 2.
While the Val's participation in the major carrier battles has been widely covered in other English language sources, details of its operations have received scant attention in English.

This book explores the Val's combat operations. Colour illustrations and photographs complement the development of dive-bombing methods in the IJN.

Contents: Dive Bombing in the Imperial Japanese Navy - Development of the 99 Kanbaku - Combat Debut - Tora, Tora, Tora - Zenith in the Indian Ocean - Coral Sea and Midway - Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz - Land-based Operations in the Solomons and New Guinea - Debacle in the Marianas - Kamikaze - Appendices.

Autor:Tagaya Osamu
Szczegóły:96 strony, 25 x 18.5 x 0.7 cm, miękka oprawa
Ilustracje:bogato ilustrowane, zdjęcia i rysunki (z/w i kleur)
Wydawca:Osprey Publishing (GB, 2010)
Seria:Combat Aircraft (63)
Książka: [COM] Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' Units - 1937-42

Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' Units - 1937-42

Język: angielski

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