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Avro vliegtuigen: boeken - historie, typen en techniek (2/2)

Een boek over Avro vliegtuigen? Ontdek hier geïllustreerde boeken over de historie, typen en techniek van Avro vliegtuigen (2/2).

Avro Shackleton (Flight Craft)

Initially projected as a maritime reconnaissance version of the Lincoln bomber, itself a development of the famous wartime Lancaster which saw post-war service in a General/Maritime Reconnaissance role, (see Flight Craft No 4), the Avro Shackleton, (named after the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton) was a completely new design, powered by four Rolls Royce Griffon 57 engines driving six blade contra-rotating propellers.

Split into three main sections, this latest Flight Craft title, perfectly timed to coincide with the release of the first examples of the eagerly awaited new tool 1/72 scale Airfix kit, offers a concise history of the Shackleton's development and operational career from the prototype and initial entry in to RAF service in 1951, and its use with the South African Air Force, the only other operator of the type.

Section 1 chronicles its design, ongoing improvements and development through the three main Marks, in both the Maritime Reconnaissance and Airborne Early Warning roles, until its retirement after four decades of RAF service in 1991, which includes scores of contemporary photographs with detailed captions, many of which have never been seen in print before.

This is followed by a 16-page colour illustration section featuring profiles and 2-views of the colour schemes and markings carried by the type in RAF and SAAF service.
The final section lists all the plastic model kits, accessories and decal sheets produced of the Shackleton in all scales.

Auteur:Neil Robinson, Martin Derry
Uitvoering:96 blz, 30 x 21.5 x 0.8 cm, softcover
Illustraties:rijk geïllustreerd met z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Pen & Sword Books Ltd (GB, 2015)
Serie:Flight Craft (9)

Avro 748

The vision of Alliott Verdon Roe and his team in designing and building the 748 resulted in a highly successful commercial airliner, that since the 1960s has been responsible for opening new air routes in many corners of the world.
Many of the airstrips into which the 748 formerly operated are now fully fledged international airports, with paved runways, sophisticated air traffic control and navigation equipment, and shops, but it was not always this way. In the early days, the 748 proved its worth worldwide by operating on dirt airstrips and at high elevations and temperatures.

Spanning a period of almost 30 years, this book sets out to illustrate some of the many operators of the type, from the initial Series 1 to the final Series 2B.
Fully illustrated with over 100 photographs, many of which have not previously been in the public domain, this book dives into the history and global impact of the Avro 748.

Auteur:Barry Lloyd
Uitvoering:96 blz, 24.5 x 17 x 1.1 cm, softcover
Illustraties:100+ z/w- en kleurenfoto's
Uitgever:Key Publishing Ltd (GB, 2022)

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