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Holland America Line (HAL) : livres - histoire, navires, liaisons (1)

Un livre concernant la Holland America Line (HAL) ? Découvrez ici nos livres maritimes consacrés à l'histoire et les paquebots de ligne de la Holland America Line, y compris les navires SS Nieuw Amsterdam, SS Rotterdam et SS Maasdam.

Holland America Liners 1950-2015

Resumé - Founded in 1873, the Holland America Line provided services carrying passengers and freight between the Netherlands and North America. When the Second World War ended, only nine of Holland America Line's twenty-five ships had survived and the company set about rebuilding.

The pride of HAL's post-war fleet was SS Rotterdam, completed in 1959, which was one of the first ships on the North Atlantic equipped to offer two-class transatlantic crossings and single-class luxury cruising.
However, competition from the airlines meant that in the early 1970s Holland America ended their transatlantic passenger services; in 1973 the company sold its cargo-shipping division.
Now owned by the American cruise line Carnival, Holland America offers round-the-world voyages and cruises in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Asia.

In this book, renowned ocean liner historian and author William H. Miller takes a look at the Holland America Line and its post-war fleet up to 2015.

Editeur :Amberley Publishing (GB, 2016)
Langue :anglais
Présentation :128 pages, 16.8 x 24.6 cm, couverture souple
Illustration :150 photos en N&B et couleurs
EAN :9781445658834
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Poids :292 g
Réf. :GABP5883
Prix :21.25 euro
Expédition :
Livre : Holland America Liners 1950-2015

Holland America Liners 1950-2015

SS Nieuw Amsterdam (Classic Liners)

Resumé - This book traces the distinguished career of the Holland America Line flagship Nieuw Amsterdam. One of the most popular liners on the Atlantic, she regularly visited Southampton, Hoboken-New York, Rotterdam and latterly Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean.

The Dutch art deco flagship was named for the settlement of New Amsterdam, modern-day New York. Her pre-war life was short and with the fall of Holland in the Second World War she was requisitioned by the British Ministry of Transport under Cunard. After conversion she served as a British troopship, carrying thousands of Allied troops to all corners of the world.

She remained in Holland America Line service after the war until 1974, the last ship to retain the company's green, yellow and white funnels. Despite boiler problems in 1967, she was refitted with US Navy-surplus boilers and sailed on, cruising, until withdrawn from service in 1974.

Enhanced with original artefacts and spectacular colour images, this comprehensive narrative provides a full account of the ship's wartime exploits - when she was fitted out with guns and depth charges - to her resurrection as a successful cruiser after the war and her eventual demise in a scrap yard.

Editeur :The History Press Ltd (GB, 2015)
Série :Classic Liners
Langue :anglais
Présentation :120 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 cm, couverture souple
Illustration :abondamment illustré avec des photos en N&B et couleurs
EAN :9780750961028
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Poids :574 g
Réf. :GHSP6102
Prix :26.25 euro
Expédition :
Livre : SS Nieuw Amsterdam (Classic Liners)

SS Nieuw Amsterdam (Classic Liners)

Holland America Cruise Ships

Resumé - The Holland America Line was founded in 1873 and operated a fleet of passenger and cargo vessels from the Netherlands to the east and west coasts of America. The company later acquired the stock of the Europa-Canada Line and in 1964 became involved with the Swedish America Line, Axel Johnson and Wallenius Rederiana to form the Atlantic Container Line.
In 1988 the company was purchased by the Carnival Cruise Line and the name was retained, continuing the history of this line.

The company currently operate five different classes of ships, the smaller and older `S' class vessels; the mid-range `R' class; the `Vista' class; the newest and largest `Signature' class; and the smaller `Prinsendam'.
Koningsdam, delivered on 31 March 2016, is the largest vessel designed and built for the Holland America Line, with a beam of 35 metres, and complies with the new Panamax dimensions, which enable it to cruise through the wider locks in the Panama Canal.

Utilising many rare and unpublished images, Ian Collard offers a lavishly illustrated look at the cruise ships operated by the Holland America Line. Included here are images of the ships in many guises and liveries as the author offers an array of superb photographs of these iconic vessels.

Editeur :Amberley Publishing (GB, 2018)
Langue :anglais
Présentation :96 pages, 167 x 234 x 11 mm, couverture souple
Illustration :180 photos en N&B et couleurs
EAN :9781445667607
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Poids :284 g
Réf. :GABP6760
Prix :21.25 euro
Expédition :
Livre : Holland America Cruise Ships

Holland America Cruise Ships

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