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Paquebots de croisière : livres - histoire, compagnies maritimes, navires (2)

Un livre concernant les navires de croisière ? Découvrez ici nos livres maritimes consacrés à l'histoire, les compagnies maritimes et l'évolution des navires de croisière.

Cruise Ships - The World's Most Luxurious Vessels

Resumé - The stunning elegance and luxurious interiors of today's vast fleet of cruise liners remains unrecorded in all but holiday brochures.

This book gives a complete overview of the cream of these ships, today's queens of the sea. Each liner is illustrated and described with colour illustrations of external and interior views. Details of the design, building and service history of each vessel are provided with vital statistics of the ship and its facilities.
Among the ships included are Cunard's Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2, the big new Princess Line liners - Ruby, Grand Sea and Celebrity Eclipse, the two Ocean Village ships and the largest of the P&O liners Ventura, Oceana, Arcadia, Aurora and Artemis.
This is a book of reference for maritime enthusiasts, would-be holiday cruisers and those who have been passengers.

Editeur :Pen & Sword Books Ltd (GB, 2010)
Langue :anglais
Présentation :304 pages, 17.8 x 25 x 2.3 cm, couverture rigide
Illustration :250 photos en couleurs
EAN :9781848842182
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Poids :892 g
Réf. :GPAS4218
Prix :37.25 euro
Expédition :
Livre : Cruise Ships - The World's Most Luxurious Vessels

Cruise Ships - The World's Most Luxurious Vessels

Giants of the Seas - The ships that transformed modern cruising

Resumé - The cruise ship market is a 30 billion-dollar industry, and in 2013 it is estimated that it will carry more than 20 million passengers; nor is there any sign of a slow down in the seven percent annual growth. What keeps the passengers coming in such huge numbers isn't the food, the ports or the entertainment. They come for the magnificent floating palaces themselves, the giants of the sea.

In this book, the author showcases the most influential cruise ships of the last three decades beginning with Royal Caribbean's ground-breaking Sovereign of the Seas. When she was launched in 1988 she was the largest passenger ship constructed since Cunard's Queen Mary entered service some 48 years earlier, and her entry into service sparked a fiercely competitive building boom that continues to this day.

The reader is taken aboard thirty of the most spectacular ships to reveal how their innovative designs changed the landscape of modern cruising. By employing original and archival photographs, deck plans, cruise programmes, as well as the author's intimate knowledge of many of these vessels, a unique picture is built up of these great ships and it becomes clear that the true Golden Age of Cruising is not in some distant past but exists right now, and that its origins can be traced back to one ship, launched in 1988.

Editeur :Seaforth Publishing (GB, 2013)
Langue :anglais
Présentation :192 pages, 26 x 20 cm, couverture rigide
Illustration :plus de 250 photos en couleurs et dessins
EAN :9781848321724
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Poids :880 g
Réf. :GPAS2172
Prix :37.25 euro
Expédition :
Livre : Giants of the Seas - The ships that transformed modern cruising

Giants of the Seas - The ships that transformed modern cruising

Kreuzfahrtschiffe - auf Weltmeeren und Flüssen (Typen-Kompass)

Resumé - Ob auf den Meeren der Welt oder auf Flüssen rund um den Globus: Kreuzfahrtschiffe üben auf Menschen eine unwiderstehliche Faszination aus. Immer grössere und immer luxuriösere Schiffen buhlen dabei um die Gunst der Kunden.
Horst W. Laumanns bietet einen unterhaltsamen Überblick über Grosssegler und Luxusliner, Mega-Schiffe und Passagierfähren, liefert interessante technische Daten und stellt jedes Schiff in Text und Bild vor.

Editeur :Pietsch Verlag (D, 2012)
Série :Typen-Kompass
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Langue :allemand
Présentation :128 pages, 20.5 x 14 cm, couverture souple
Illustration :145photos en couleurs
EAN :9783613507050
Etat :livre neuf (papier)
Réf. :TK50705XS
Prix :15.95 euro
Expédition :
Livre : Kreuzfahrtschiffe - auf Weltmeeren und Flüssen (Typen-Kompass)

Kreuzfahrtschiffe - auf Weltmeeren und Flüssen (Typen-Kompass)

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