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Voitures de sport Marendaz : beaux livres - histoire, versions et technique

Un livre sur les voitures Marendaz ? Découvrez ici les ouvrages sur l'histoire, les modèles et la technique des voitures de sport Marendaz.

The All-British Marendaz Special: The Man, The Cars And The Aeroplanes

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This is the story of Captain Marendaz, a pilot in the RFC in the Great War, his life as a car manufacturer in the 1920s and 1930s when he competed at Brooklands and elsewhere, before moving on to designing and building aircraft.
He was closely associated with Stirling Moss' parents and Kaye Don, being involved in trialling and record breaking with his own cars and the American Graham-Paige.

His passage through life was not smooth, being frequently coloured by disputes, ending up with him being arrested under the Category 18B regulations in 1940, causing him to move to South Africa where trouble followed him before his return to England in 1972.

The book also contains a considerable number of first-hand accounts, by people who worked for Marendaz, of life in a car and aircraft factory before the war, giving a revealing insight into the social history of the period.

His sports cars are attractive with good lines, a point brought out in the many illustrations taken in period and more recently of survivors. His correspondence with the author and others provides an insight into his controversial life.

Présentation :192 pages, 24.5 x 17.5 x 1.3 cm, broché
Illustration :88 photos en N&B et 47 en couleurs
Editeur :Fonthill Media (GB, 2019)
Livre : The All-British Marendaz Special

The All-British Marendaz Special: The Man, The Cars And The Aeroplanes

Langue : anglais

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