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Help 1 - Information about the TMB Bookshop

What is the TMB Bookshop?

What is your company philosophy?

The TMB Bookshop supplies high quality books at the best prices. As book lovers in this field, we know that not every title that appears is worth having. That is why we make strict selections. In principle we only offer books that meet our requirements in terms of content and quality. In addition, we use very good packaging, so that your book arrives "fresh off the press".

What our customers say about the TMB Bookshop.

Can I visit your store or pick up a book?

As the name implies, the TMB Bookshop is a mail order company. We don't have a shop. Collection of books is therefore not possible for practical reasons.

Is the TMB Bookshop a new company?

The TMB Bookshop, active on the internet since 2000, is an initiative of Transmobiel Belgium, a family company founded in 1993. We are almost 30 years in business.

What is the correspondence address of the TMB Bookshop?

TMB Bookshop
Transmobiel Belgium
P. Van der Taelenstraat 40 A
B-2840 Rumst

VAT-number: BE0790.005.117

You can always reach us by using the Contact page.

The TMB Bookshop is not a shop, but a mail order company. It is not possible to purchase and/or collect books on site for practical reasons.

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Knowledge and experience

Since 2000, TMB Bookshop has been offering motoring books from Haynes, Chilton, Clymer, Bentley, Brooklands, ETAI, Bucheli, Motorbooks, Motorbuch Verlag and many other well-known publishers.