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Railton cars: books - history and technology

A book on Railton? Explore here our selection of illustrated books on the history, models and technology of Railton passenger cars.

Railton & Brough Superior (1933-1950) - Brooklands Gold Portfolio

Brooklands Portfolio book about the Railton and Brough Superior models from the years 1933-1950. Describes the Essex Terraplane, Napier-Railton, Railton Terraplane, Drop-head Coupé, Tourer, Sports, Light Sports, Saloon, Sandown, Cobham, Fairmile, 21HP, Brough Superior, 3.5L, Supercharged, Saloon and 12-cylinder.

  • The articles, taken from contemporary British and American car magazines, provide much information about history, model changes and technology.
  • Also driving impressions, tests, comparison tests, technical specifications, etc.

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Specs:172 pages, 27 x 20 x 0.9 cm / 10.6 x 7.9 x 0.35 in, paperback
Illustrations:450 photographs
Publisher:Brooklands Books (GB, 1995)
Series:Gold Portfolio
Book: Railton & Brough Superior (1933-1950) - Brooklands Gold Portfolio

Railton & Brough Superior (1933-1950)

Language: English

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